Men’s Team Two


Introducing Men’s Team Two of Kingdom Journeys

Kingdom Journeys Men is a pilot program at Adventures in Missions that provides the framework for this select team of men to travel to countries in the 10/40 Window, ministering to the unreached people groups living there. These men work to “build ministry” not simply “go on a missions trip” Men’s Team Two is going because they believe in God’s calling on their life and the work He wants to do through them. Each man has come from vastly different backgrounds but have found their common purpose – going wherever and doing whatever the Lord calls them to do. Through intense bonds of brotherhood and a radical faith in their all-providing Lord, these men will stop at nothing shy of what God tells them to do. They will be strategic and flexible in ministry according to how the Lord leads them. This is not just any team. This is a team on a mission. 1 calling. 1 purpose. 1 passion.


Kyle is a southern boy born and raised in Alabama. Ever since God showed him the value of living a life devoted to Christ, he believes in living a life of integrity and purpose. After the Race, God led him to enroll in a leadership program with Adventures, during which time, God showed him his heart for reaching unreached people groups with the Gospel. Kyle joins Kingdom Journeys because it is an opportunity for him to get practical training and experience to propel him forward in the long term ministry that God has for him.



Brian is a small town guy from West Virginia. The Lord’s calling on his life is to see the world changed through the power of prayer. After the Race, God led him to go back to school to finish up his business marketing degree at Marshall University during which time, God grew him in discipling other men. Brian joins Kingdom Journeys because he wants to help develop the KJ men’s program. He has a passion for pioneering and creating sustainable ministry whenever given the chance.



Luke grew up in a small, island town in Maryland. He feels called to go forth and tell the stories of how God is working all over the world. After the Race, God led him to enroll in a storytelling program with Adventures, during which time God continued growing him in his love for writing. Luke joins Kingdom Journeys because this is what God told him to do. He could pick things about the trip that he finds enjoyable, but ultimately, it’s what God put on his heart. Storytelling, brotherhood, men of passion, and adventures.



Pat grew up in Green Bay, WI. He is a worshipper at heart and has a desire to see the glory of God cover the earth, and all people come to know the Father! After the Race, God led him to squad lead a WR team, and afterwards enroll in a worship program with Adventures, during which time God grew him in authority and boldness. Pat joins Kingdom Journeys because he feels that the Lord has led him here. God told him “I am with you wherever you go, but I would choose the adventure.”