Sometimes failing is for others, similar to kicking your baby birds out of the nest.

Sometimes our Failing is for Others

Marty, one of my mentors, recently commented on my blog about failing with this statement. Saint Alered makes some interesting distinctions between pre-fall intentions and now. I’d say yes [failing is necessary], but it isn’t just for us, sometimes our failing is for others as well. That statement completely blows my mind. Sometimes our failing is for others. Failing is often painful f...

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First set of men involved with launching Kingdom Journeys.

Learning to Fail

David Iglesias came to speak to Team One of Kingdom Journeys while we were meeting for the first time at Spring Gate Farms in Harrisburg, PA. David was a US attorney during the Bush administration who was fired because of “performance related issues.”  It ended up in an investigation that turned up evidence that everything was political and there were a few books written about the enti...

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