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Pursue Excellence in Business

People follow Excellence

It seems crazy to me that even while I wasn’t following God, He was preparing me for something bigger. While I was off being a prodigal, God was actually preparing me for bringing Kingdom a few years later. Some of you know my story, some of you don’t, but I spent a year working for Apple Inc. at one of their corporate offices in Austin, TX. Now, almost three years later I am using the...

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Relationships in the Corporate Business World

Coffee Shop vs Corporate Office

In March we had the pleasure of hearing one of the master roasters of Starbucks coffee come out to speak with us at Schoffstall Farms in Harrisburg, PA and he introduced us to the word avad. Avad is a Hebrew word used all throughout the Bible that is almost always translated as to work or to serve.   But in Exodus 3:12 it is written like this from God speaking to Moses: “When you have brought the ...

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