Packing List For Your Journey




Airporter-A bag to transport your bag while traveling

Rain Cover

Headlamp​& batteries


Pillow and pillow case

Sleeping Bag (You must bring this for your hike)

Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Pad Repair Kit

Twin Top Sheet (optional)


Packing Cubes

Stuff Sacks

HIKE​: (Remember to pack light)

Sleeping bag

Shorts and/or other long pants (this can be jeans, sweats, and or yoga pants)

Shirts (one for each day)

Sweatshirt or fleece


Sports bras


Running shoes

Bathing suits (one piece or tankinis)


Nalgene Water bottle




Light hoodie or windbreaker

Toiletries for four days: Baby wipes are a must

Tampons (even if you think you are days from your period. Two of my teammates had a

beautiful surprise on our hike…lol)

Each person take a roll of toilet paper.


Bring clothes that you would normally wear. There are only a few guidelines.


Skirts: ​All skirts need to be below the knee unless you have leggings.

Dresses: ​(same as skirts)

Shorts/Capris:​Bring some exercise shorts for sleeping and or exercising. Jean shorts are fine,

but in Guatemala, you will have to wear them with leggings.


Lightweight Sweatshirt: ​These are especially handy for travel days

Rain Jacket:​You don’t need an expensive one. Something from walmart will work just fine.

Thin Cardigan​: You’ll need to cover your shoulders in Guatemala

Leggings: ​You’ll want at least one pair, but if you wear them a lot, bring multiple pairs.

Bras:​bring at least one sports bra and 3 normal bras

Undies: ​You can never have too many pairs

Socks: ​5 pairs (2 of them should be warm pairs).

2/3 pairs of shoes:​ One should be a sturdy pair for hiking.

Dirty Laundry Bag

Bathing Suit:​ No bikinis

Sea to Summit Drylite Towels: ​(bring at least 2)

Hat/Cap: ​This is a must for our hike.


Laptop​: (This is optional, but you need to at least have a device you are able to blog on.)

5-way Headphone Splitter​You’ll want this for movie-watching with friends while some of

your teammates are asleep.

Headphones​(bring extra–you can never have too many)

External Hard-Drive


***TIP: Don’t even think about leaving home without a case​for your Kindle. Also, if you have

anything other than the Kindle Fire, remember to pack a small light​to read at night!


Adapters ​The Argus travel adapter set is by far the best and most compact set. Get ’em.

***TIP: You DO NOT need a converter. For anything. Trust me.


Power Strip

USB Drive: ​Bring two. These are great for saving emails to send at internet cafes that don’t

have wifi or for trading files and pictures with your team.



Hanging Bathroom Bag:​This is super handy for showers where there are no shelves.

Small Mirror:​There’ll be months where you don’t have a mirror. You’ll get used to not seeing

what you look like on a daily basis, but until then you can find an unbreakable mirror at most

camping stores.

Travel-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body-wash and face wash. ​Your team will

most likely buy team toiletries each month and share, so it helps to have travel containers to

fill up your share.

Contacts Lenses:​If you wear them, bring a one-year supply and glasses​just in case. Make

sure they’re packed in a sturdy case so they don’t break.

Contact Lens Solution: ​Bring enough contact solution for at least two months. The contact

solution is cheaper in Asia but in Guatemala a bottle is around $18.00!

Razor:​I packed one nice razor and just brought a few extra blades. Some people brought

disposables, but of course, that takes up a bit more room.

TIP: You can buy Gilette razor blades anywhere.

Feminine Products: ​tampons are difficult (though not impossible) to find. Pads are just about


Hair Products:​If you have curly hair, pack a year’s worth. The rest of the world seriously does

not cater to us curly-haired sisters.

Baby Powder ​is totally optional, but it is very handy for dirty-hair days or for dusting your

body/face to prevent excess sweating. Sounds gross, I know, but some countries we sweated

non-stop and sweat rashes are no fun.

Make-up: ​If you wear it at home, bring it with you. It will make you feel pretty even when

you’re wearing the same worn blue dress for the 50th time.

Hand Sanitizer: ​Two small bottles to pack in your daypack will do (you can buy more in most


Deodorant ​If you only like to use stick deodorant, pack some extras. It’s not impossible to find

overseas, but it’s much more common to find spray deodorant.

Body Spray: ​For smelling good on days when you missed a shower or to freshen up your

clothes that may have gone one too many wears without washing.

Toothbrush/Toothpaste:​If you use an electric toothbrush at home, bring it.


Dental Floss

Cotton balls


MEDICINE:​​(The following are suggestions. You will not need to bring all of these things. It

might be helpful if you coordinate with your team who brings what so that you’re not all just

a bunch of traveling pharmacies.

*Malaria Prevention​(Malarone or Doxycycline)..

*Upset Stomach ​(Tums, Imodium, Cipro etc.)

*Fever Reducer

*Anti-itch Cream

*Cold and Flu Meds

*Eye Drops​(The kind that imitate your eye’s natural tears and if you are a contact lens

wearer, go ahead and get an antibiotic.

*Basic Pain Killers​for headaches, aches and pains etc.

*Bandaids ​(Pack lots of different sizes)

*Allergy Meds

*Motion Sickness Meds​(if you get sick during travel, you’ll want to pack a TON of these. So

far our team has taken over 40 bus rides and 3 of them were 24 hours long)


*Laxatives​(I have never used these but with all the changes in diet you’ll be experiencing,

people on my team swear by them)

*Sleep Aid ​(For long bus rides)

*Small Bottle of Lice Shampoo and a Lice Comb

*Emergen-C ​(To boost your immune system) Although, I find the good old vitamin C works

great for me to fight off a cold or other illness.

*Tee Tree Oil​is apparently great for everything… acne, lice, bug bites, bug repellent… Look

up all that it can do before tossing it into your pack.

*Water Sterilizing Drops

*Yeast Infection Meds ​(It SUCKS to have this in a 3rd world country)

*Anti Nausea Meds ​(The Dissolvable kind are great)


Carrabbeaners: ​I personally didn’t use the ones that I brought. I prefer a pack free of hanging

things. It’s up to you.

Lined Notepad

Pens ​(lots… these magically disappear), Glue-stick, Clear Tape and a small pair of Scissors

and if you like to be a bit creative, bring colored markers/pencils​as well. You will use these

all the time and your teammates will borrow them continuously.

Journal: ​If you are a writer, bring several. You can get journals elsewhere, but if you’re picky

about your journals, just bring enough for the whole trip. I am personally bringing one big one

and 2 smaller ones.

Small Bible

Schwab Card & Another Visa Banking Card: ​Don’t leave home without a Schwab card! I know

the process to apply and get one is a bit of a pain, BUT it is completely worth having zero ATM

fees while your teammates will be paying $5 per transaction. Start the application process

early and don’t forget to do a Power of Attorney form if you’ll be having someone at home

handling your finances and keeping your account topped-off while you’re away. Note: Schwab

has a Power of Attorney form that is specific to them and a standard POA form will not do.

Bring a second banking card (also a Visa) and keep it separate from your wallet in case it gets

stolen. That way, you won’t be stranded without any access to money. Visas are accepted

everywhere so it’ll prevent you from having to ATM-hop to draw money.

Blank Cards and Envelopes:​While you’ll most probably just send postcards from each country

to your family and friends, it’s nice to have a few cards and envelopes to write encouraging

notes to your teammates or to write a ‘thank you’ to your ministry contacts at the end of each


Ear Plugs: ​Your teammates will snore, sleep-talk and bang doors whenever you try to sleep.

Oh, sweet community living. 🙂

Eye Mask: ​The first international flight you take will give you one of these for free. Save

yourself some money and snag it.

Ziplock Bags​of all shapes/sizes (Pack plenty… way more than you think you’ll need). These

are handy for everything from packing snacks to making sure your bottle of shampoo doesn’t


Watch ​if you wear one

Clothes Line ​for hanging your laundry to dry after hand-washing.

Headbands​to keep your hair out of your face during physical labor or to protect your hair

from lice.

Duct Tape: ​You’ll use this for the oddest things! I actually bought Gorrilla Tape instead

because it was much smaller for packing that traditional Duct Tape and I’m so glad for it! Duct

Tape takes up so much room!

Sewing Kit: ​One of the best investments you’ll make, assuming you know basic sewing skills.

Your clothes will most likely get rips and holes. Having one of these will save your wardrobe

over and over.

Sunglasses: ​Make sure they’re sturdy and have a good, strong case!

Mosquito Net: ​This is optional.

Hair Ties: ​Bring them.

Bobby pins: ​These are not easy to find and jumbo bobby pins are non-existent

internationally. Pack enough for the time you’re gone and save yourself the hunt.


Mini Blow Dryer

Guitar/Musical Instrument