Womens Team 3


Introducing Womens Team 3 of Kingdom Journeys

Kingdom Journeys Women is a pilot program at Adventures in Missions that provides the framework for this select team of women to travel to countries in the 10/40 Window, ministering to the unreached women living there. These women work with Beauty for Ashes ministry. Womens Team 3 is going because they believe in God’s calling on their life and the work He wants to do through them. Each woman has come from vastly different backgrounds but have found their common purpose – seeing God move in the lives of women around the world. Through intense bonds of sisterhood and a radical faith in their all-providing Lord, these women will host Beauty for Ashes retreats for women in Uganda, Thailand, and India. They will provide a safe place for The Spirit to move in the lives of women and empower them to grow in their faith and community. This is not just any team. This is a team on a mission. 1 calling. 1 purpose. 1 passion.

Natalie Kraemer 


Natalie is a Midwest girl who loves to play soccer, she is all about intentionality, she loves her family, and when given the chance she loves to ride motorcycles! She has always had a passion for empowering women and letting them know how valued, worthy, and beautiful they are. Since 2012 she has been blessed to work with exploited women and children both in the US and in Thailand! God has greatly redeemed Natalie’s past, and she wants to travel the world telling women about the worth they have in Christ!

Liz McCluskey


Buffalo Native (Go Bills) and donut enthusiast Liz McCluskey knew that she wanted to go on Kingdom Journeys when she heard that they would go to the 10/40 window. She has a huge passion for unreached people groups, and ultimately wants to go wherever God would call her. And right now, this is where He has called!

Rebekah Neese


Rebekah is from central Texas and followed The Lord into a season of full time missions after many years serving in her local church and working as a dental hygienist. When she finished the World Race in May 2015, God showed her Kingdom Journeys was the next adventure! She loves discipleship and prayer and has a huge heart for women. Her greatest passion is to help others realize their God-given identity and to reach their redemptive potential in Christ.

Marisa Statton


Marisa hails from the land of juice cleanses and red carpet premieres (only one of which she has actually experienced) – Los Angeles. She just graduated from UCLA, where God began building her heart for the world through some of her International Studies classes and travels. She knew that God was asking her to give time past graduation towards international missions, and bulldozed down doors in order to place Kingdom Journeys right in her lap. Marisa has a huge desire for people to know their worth and value in Christ, and is stoked to be a part of KJ, and do just that for women all around the world!

Janet Castañeda


Janet is from the great state of Texas. She just finished up the World Race in July, but that didn’t stop her from turning around and doing Kingdom Journeys a month later! Janet loves Asia, bunnies, and anything cute. One day, she hopes to be a cool tattooed old lady as a missionary in the Middle East.