Buen Camino

Big group of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago

We have had the pleasure of walking beside most of these pilgrims since the beginning of our journey on the Camino de Santiago.

The Camino is a community of people who become like a family.  We’ve shared our life stories, challenges and many celebrations with this group of pilgrims.  We’ve had dinners together, laughter together and a few tears have been shed along the way.

Thank you to everyone we’ve met and hopefully we will see each other again one day.

Buen camino.


To any of the pilgrims in this picture, if you would like a larger version for printing please send us an email by clicking here.

  • Chase G

    Rock! So proud dude!

  • Marina

    Hola!! Have a big smile on my face and a warm feeling seeing this picture. Good memories!