About Me

Betty has recently traveled to eleven countries in eleven months sharing God’s love and truth with people from all walks of life. She learned whether it was a child in the slums of Honduras, a dying woman in Guatemala, or a young girl in the streets of Thailand they are all waiting to be set free. To be set free from fear, a life of rejection and hopelessness.

Once she came back to the states she had the opportunity to go back to teaching, as she had for the past eight years. Yet, she chose to do what was less comfortable. She has chosen to leave her comfortable life in America and follow her calling.

She is passionate about being God’s voice to others while helping others find their God given voice. She helps others discover their true identity in Christ causing women to become alive to who they really are, the Father’s beloved child.

This January she will lead a team of hand picked leaders to five countries: Swaziland, Uganda, Kenya, Thailand and the Philippines. There the team will minister to women who are in need of emotional and spiritual healing. You can stay updated on stories from the field on this site.