Archives February 2014 - Betty Gomez

Hidden for a time

I have been to the mountain and back. Its said and typed so much faster and easily than actually done. I had no idea what I was committing myself to. If I had known the extent of our hike (aka fully informed myself) I would have missed out on a pilgrimage of a lifetime. Reality is no one likes pain. But a great story or pilgrimage involves a conflict and a resolution. The hike was challenging. Alo...

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Whose lenses are you looking through?

We arrived in South Africa twelve days. Even if we tried to ignore its existence as we walked around Cape town it was impossible. There it stood, so gallantly inviting all who dared on a journey. Table Mountain can be seen from miles away. I have seen Table mountain…and its pretty intimidating. I found myself thinking of all the wrong things that could happen in our five day hike and just ab...

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