Archives January 2014 - Betty Gomez

She knew

She dressed herself wondering if this would be her last time to decide what to wear or the last time to be before the king. Would she make it out alive? Or would she lose her life? Esther had no idea yet one thing was certain in the depths of her heart, the answer to a life changing question, “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” She knewR...

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Come Dance!

It was the wee hours of the evening as I found myself dancing with Him. I twirled, jumped, and giggled as He sang over me. For the past couple of months I have found myself in a season of being romanced and pursued. It is like none other! It can’t be compared. It’s so pure. It is genuine. It is gentle. It is passionate. It is holy. The Lover of my soul continually beckons me to come be...

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Gone Skinny Dipping

These past months have been challenging, stretching, growing, and fun all at the same time. I have had to trust in my Father in new ways. Upon finishing my eleven month journey I sought the Father for direction. What’s next?   He began excavating what was really in my heart and giving me hope for the next season of my life.   He confronted me with my faith. “You say you have faith in M...

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