What is a Kingdom Journey?

A Kingdom Journey is an opportunity for World Race alumni* to walk out their unique callings overseas. It is a vehicle for mature and driven leaders to pursue a more specialized calling, mission, or ministry – one that makes them come alive, and allows them to activate their giftings, passions, and calling toward a specific Kingdom purpose.

Teams dive deep into this purpose full-time on the field while working with the contacts, resources, and support of Adventures in Missions behind them. Participants become pioneers as they invest into the growth and development of our long-term missional efforts by pressing into their unique gifting and contributing lasting ideas. Kingdom Journeys teams help advance the front line of Adventures in Missions’ engagement and influence in the world.

What do you feel the Lord is calling you to do that is purposeful for His kingdom?

Let’s work together as the body of Christ to “take what the Lord has given us, a unique calling on our lives to bring Kingdom and hope, and entrust it to reliable disciples who will be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2).

What will your journey be?


Kingdom Journeys: Pioneers

Co-ed or all male teams of World Race Alumni

Our aim is to expand the operations and influence of Adventures in Missions into new territories, where we aren’t currently able to go due to lack of knowledge. More specifically, these are generally areas in the unreached countries of the 10/40 window. Kingdom Journeys Pioneers will send small groups of mature, high-capacity, self-motivated Alumni World Racers to do reconnaissance work along carefully planned routes where we see clear potential to partner, but have an urgent need to fill in the gaps of our on-the-ground knowledge before further activity and engagement can be pursued. Each trip will comprise a large (mostly overland) journey and a specific regional focus, where we are looking to gain the following information on:

  • Risk assessment and safety
  • Cost
  • Ministry feasibility for future teams or long term missionaries.
  • Potential contacts, hosts, and ‘Men of Peace’
  • Route logistics, visa particulars, and border crossings

Participants will need to be highly self-motivated, capable, spiritually mature, diligent, and discerning individuals who are passionate about the unreached, able to operate and travel independently, and capable of fostering a healthy team dynamic.

Kingdom Journeys: Beauty for Ashes

All female teams of World Race Alumni*

Our mission is to proclaim freedom and redemption in Christ to our sisters around the world. We reach out to widows, former prostitutes, the abused, abandoned and overlooked, and we organize meetings and safe spaces for these women to share their stories and walk through healing. We invite them to our “Beauty for Ashes Retreats” where we enable them to experience God’s restoration and hope through storytelling and community, and empower them to spread that light of freedom and redemption to other women.

We send small teams of female World Race alumni* out into the nations to bring freedom and hope to women all over the world, transforming them into ambassadors for change in their homes and communities.

Teams spend six months ministering to women in three different locations.

KJ Women’s Teams Launch in January and September

*Exceptions may be made at the staff’s discretion for candidates with significant missions experience who have not gone on the World Race.