Why am I going on Kingdom Journeys?

Why am I going on Kingdom Journeys?

We all come to a point in our life when we realize that there is more to living
than mere existence.

Traveling for traveling’s sake is a lot of fun and is an education in and of its self.

But just imagine doing it under the mentorship and guidance of world-class
leaders, learning to dream and build God’s dreams, as well as volunteering then
paying forward the experiences and new abilities learned.

Now that’s what I call an epic adventure!

In the Garden, we received our calling into dominion. One aspect of dominion is exploration
and declaration of the glory of God. Your life is a declaration of something.
You choose what to declare.

Kingdom Journeys offers the opportunity to explore the Creation and discover the
amazing creations of people and cultures around the globe. It also invites us to dive
deeply into relationships and live in community with courageous brothers who also
desire to leave a positive lasting legacy for their families, communities and world.

This trip will also be an adventure into exploring the world and discovering my place in
it. A quest of such proportions is guaranteed to be filled with high risk, hazardous moments
and even the real possibility of unsafe return. It is an initiation into manhood
(adulthood). The principle of initiation is that an external force invites another into a
greater position and calling of higher responsibility.

I’m all in.

– Zebulun

  • James Lehman

    Nice piece, Justin. Hows the girl friend? No Blisters! (best boots I ever bought). Rick, his lady friend and I reached Sanmtiago 17 June, toured the cathedral and other places, had a farewell dinner and parted company. I expect he is somewhere in Italy right now, I don’t expect him back in the US for awhile. I arrived home 21 June, pick up the pieces of home life, weed the garden, Scout stuff, etc. In two weeks, I will be a Quaker Chaplain at the National Scout Jamboree. “Cafe con leche, por favor.” Via con Dios, mi amigo…