Spider Dew

Spider Dew


As the full moon dips below the clear horizon, the night air, cool against my bare shins, brushes past as if rushing to finish its route before the sun, who is announced by the rays of dawn, comes in full glory.

Clothes left out on the drying line overnight make for a damp morning but once again, it’s time to head to the next albergue.

The Peregrinos fist steps on the morning trail are breathed in prayer and and filled with hope for strength and a blessed day.

This day is greeted by a misty fog that now cloaks the ground like grandmas overstuffed blanket.

As the Peregrinos (or Pilgrims) hobble down the gravel path that marks clearly the Camino de Santiago, the sun begins to light up the sky.

With each step I wait in anticipation of the rising sun drying out the mist which inhibits the vista. I spy “spider dew” seemingly floating through the morning air.

I don’t want to forget its chaotic simplicity…


  • Wow bro. Sounds pretty intense, gotta love Africa. Keep pressing into God’s love and listening for His voice as you go through the day. All the guys are starting off our day with the same rhythm of prayer and breakfast, everything has developed really nicely here. It’s awesome.

  • John Traub

    Very inspiring!

  • Seth Barnes Jr.

    Sounds incredible man! Praying for you and the KJ team.

  • colby gardner

    Get it, son! Great learnings in Madagascar I see that will definitely be a help to the KJ team! Keep it up, bro! Proud of you. Keep making muddy knees out there…

  • Vu Mark Nguyen

    hashtag adventure dude