Zebulun has lived more than a year in over a dozen countries abroad – together with Tanzania, Spain, Panama and Malaysia – Zebulun & the gang in Koreawhich includes his time at the World Race and Kingdom Journeys. This has given him the distinct advantage of a global and third culture perspective and mindset, teaching him how to adapt and thrive in a myriad of circumstances. He also spent time as the assistant coordinator for a mission group in Honduras.

Working at Café Vino, he sharpened his capability to think critically and identify areas of potential business growth, especially as pertaining to a high standard of professional excellence.

He also worked for the world’s largest bottling company, Coca-Cola, giving him firsthand knowledge of public and customer relations, marketing assessment, point-of-sale placement and management collaboration in addition to identifying and resolving concerns, providing process training for new personnel, consultation and responding to assistance requests.

Zebulun has taught on an assortment of topics (including English) in a variety of schools around the world.

His personal vision gives attention to community development for social entrepreneurs across the globe and expansion of the Kingdom in the nations.

Values: generosity, simplicity, creativity, sustainability, diversity, authenticity, accountability, transparency, humility, hospitality & tranquility.