Road to Beldorado

Road to Beldorado

I made it to Spain in one piece!

My flight landed in Madrid and I took a bus up to Burgos about 2.5 hours away. I spent the night at a hostel
and in the morning took another bus toward the rest of my team (sans Sunoh) who were headed to Beldorado.

3€ (appx $4) and an hour later I got off in the ancient little town. Located in a valley, it has a strong Celtic influence and many Celtic artifacts have been found in the area.

I climbed to the top of the mountain which, like Beldorado, is small. Once at the top (and after a several minute rest) I sat down on the edge and sprawled out in a field of grass protected from the gusts of wind by the foot-tall blades.

The 300° view was breathtaking with the green field of grass taking up the other 60° behind me!

You can see mountains way off in the distance, 20 giant wind generators in another direction, cows grazing in nearby fields, the lazy town with aged terra cotta rooftops below and the river running through the middle of it.

The guys got into town around 2pm and we headed to our hostel and had a meeting at 4pm to discuss what we thing God is wanting us to get out of our time on the Camino.

After, we went into town and got some food to cook for dinner. Chicken, eggs, rice and fried veggies!

Cleaning up I noticed that the sun was still setting. I thought nothing much of it until somebody mentioned that it was after 9pm and we still had a good hour of light!

We then discussed Judges 4 and I was challenged to follow the leading of God, not just for reasons of obedience, but to share in blessings God desires to give me.

Well, 6am comes early and I am looking forward to French bread and bananas and [not so much the instantness of the] instant coffee! Then a several hour hike!

Livin’ the Adventure!

– Zebulun






  • Good stuff man! Didn’t even know you had the adventure on the mountain top! Glad to have you with us.

  • Justin

    Nice work Zeb