Red (an Interview)

Red (an Interview)
I just got off an incredible phone interview with a friend (unnamed to protect anonymity). He told me this story (highly abridged for reading sake):


It was my first time in Germany. I was there with [a military branch] and we had the weekend off. Some of my buddies wanted to “go visit the sites” late one night and chose the red-light district near Nuremberg. Not too sure on what a red light district was, I agreed to go with them. All I knew was that it is a shady part of town.

We rounded the corner of this large building and found ourselves in an alleyway where the taxi driver dropped us off. Sure enough, there were red lights all up and down the alleyway. So me and my buddies started walking along.

In one of the windows a girl was tapping and my buddy went over to her and pretended that she was the greatest thing in the world – just to be funny. We started laughing and I took out my phone and started recording.

All of a sudden, all the women around started to get angry telling me to put my phone away. One of the other guys I was with told me to delete the video and not to do that anymore.

It was cold so we went into one of the establishments to wait for a buddy who was “busy”. One of the girls came up to us and started talking. She was not German but probably came from one of the closer “eastern-bloc” countries. The pimp walked past us and just pointed at her to which she straight away went to go service a customer. I think that she was probably trafficked.

I was in culture shock! I had no idea this even existed! I mean, I thought stuff like this only existed in medieval times. But it’s legal here in Germany! It was so sad!



What was your observation of the girls?

They are not what I expected prostitutes to look like. They all look like they are just normal people. Just like girls you would see at the mall.

I found it interesting though, that the slutty styles the prostitutes had (specifically makeup) are the same styles that are trickling into the American culture at large. Take a look at any famous singer chic, they look exactly like the prostitutes.

It’s like they have no soul because of “bonding” with so many different men.

“How did you feel about seeing them in that situation?”

“It is sickening – you feel wrong supporting it by just being there. A big turn off for me was the fact of some girls not being there of their own free will. On the surface it seems, for lack of a better term, pretty “innocent” as in non-criminal . You don’t see damage done to anybody on the surface – there were no bruises. It doesn’t feel like you are supporting some criminal underworld. But you are required to wear a condom because if everyone gets an STD, then business can get shut down which pimps obviously don’t want.”



What are your thoughts about approaching the situation and helping it stop?

People are a lot more wicked than we know. As for an approach to stop? You have to change their will. They get good money for what they do.

But I don’t think it’s an addiction to the sex – You must teach her the value of self-worth but if you get her out of the situation you have to pay or provide a way for her to earn more money than what she was doing for prostitution – or she will go back.

It’s kind of like rescuing someone who is drowning. They panic when someone is trying to save them – they fight back.


Did you see any underage girls?

No, but you have to understand that the legal age for drinking and sex is 16, not 18 like here in the States.

WIKI UPDATE – “It is also illegal to contract sex services [in Germany] from any person younger than 18. (Before 2008 this age limit was 16.)”

What would you say to somebody from the West who want to help them out?

Westerners need to be educated. It’s cheaper and easier to support a national vs. only American missionaries.

Think of it this way: An inexperienced Western family with 9  kids wants to be missionaries in Japan. So they ask their friends and family and church to financially support them. They need $60,000 a year to support a comparative Western lifestyle. And they spend their time teaching a Sunday school class every Sunday or a class at a local elementary school.

Now take the example of a national family, locals, who know the languages, the culture, the customs, they don’t need inoculations or shots, they are able to live at the same economic level as the people they are serving, they have experience living in the country and are adapted perfectly. His family only needs $300 a month (in some countries) to live very comfortably. Plus they don’t need visas or thousands of dollars to transport their stuff and themselves.

Now which do you think is going to have the maximum impact and actually change lives?

In short, you can’t teach experience.

  • Great stuff man, adding the personal bit at the end is great. God will grow that list so much. Make sure you notice Him in the moment, it’s much more impactful than just remembering.

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      Thanks Hugh!

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    hey now, I recognize those pictures 🙂 Missing your face but so glad that you are adventuring, exploring and finding your way!

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    Neil: thanks for sharing this. It’s awesome. Please tell Colby and Hugh that in addition to my lower back being healed, my upper back which was feeling numb before Spain is feeling a lot better!

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    So good 🙂 keep expecting Him to show up, you’re bringing that home with you!

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    Thanks for the encouragement to listen to the Spirit leading us to bring healing to a hurting world. Keep it up, man!

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    So proud of you my sweet girl!!!

  • That’s a really good revelation! Amazing blog, so happy for what y’all are doing!