On Abiding for Strength

On Abiding for Strength

I’m on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. I am trekking the “Route Frances”. I will be doing about 500 kilometers total, walking on average 20 kilometers per day.

After about a mile (kilometer) or two you start to feel every single pound (kilogram).

I have developed only two blisters (which is great!) after walking about 4 days.

This mornings bible discussion was referenced from Philippians 4:13 talking about being able to do all things through Christ who gives one strength.

You get weary walking day after day rain or shine, on rocks and through mud, up and down the hills and mountains with a bunch of extra pounds on your back.

To give up is tempting. To quit would be so easy. To “through in the towel” sounds really nice – at times.

Then I remember that the Joy of the Jehovah is my strength and that I can do all things through Him.

I am learning to abide in the Presence of the One Who has made the mountains and rivers and the sunset around me.

Abiding in Him I have found the strength to conquer every step. And I can feel His pleasure.