No Expectations

No Expectations

When is the last time you didn’t expect something?

We expect our coffee to be served to us hot; our grocery lines to be quick and short; and all our plans to, you guessed it, go according as we planned.

We know that things don’t always go as we expect.

Team One of Kingdom Journeys recently had a teleconference call with Glenn Steers of, “a social media service to help Christian small groups stay connected”.

During our hour long conversation Glenn mentioned something that really stuck out to me. His premise was to approach life with no expectations.

He brought up the analogy of “trained fleas”.

If you put fleas in a jar then they will jump out. But if you put a lid on that jar, after several failed attempts at getting out plus a sore noggin (do fleas even have “noggins”?), you can remove the lid and the fleas will jump only to the top of the jar and never actually get out even though they have nothing holding them back.

He applied the same principle to life.

“Don’t have expectations. Dream big, but don’t let your expectations put a lid on them.”

You can have expectations for something to turn out in a specific way but don’t stop there. If God gives you an opportunity to alter your course a bit (or a bunch), you may just find the breakthrough you were looking for.

I suppose it has to do something with humility too and not getting distraught when things don’t go your way.

Hey, that exact thing happened to me. I expected to go to Spain for six months. I also expected to be hired as the Intern Director for an organization that helps rescued survivors of human trafficking. I expected to go to India with them and serve God there for the semester and maybe even as a career of sorts.

But things didn’t go as I had expected.

And boy, am I glad! I would have missed the opportunity to be a part of this Kingdom Journeys adventure. And guess what? I get to go to Spain and India after all!

I’m learning to give up my expectations of what God might do with Kingdom Journeys and just allow Him to guide us.

No expectations can lead to a deeper destiny if you just allow God to lead you there.


– Zebulun

  • Glad to have you on the team man. You bring a lot to the table and this wilderness experience sounds like an intense time of growth with God.

  • seth_barnes

    Sunoh, just now getting to this blog. Great to have your testimony written out like this. You really are God’s man. I love the way you share your heart. Looking forward to seeing where God takes you in life!

  • Justin Schneider

    I’ve never heard the full story. Thanks for being vulnerable with your story.

  • Jena Pantano

    I have been to PQ as well! It was the most life changing thing that I had ever done. I don’t know what it was about the camp that did it for me. I reconnected with God too! I am happy to see that PQ helped others.
    P.S. The hummus and Pita there was my favorite and the peanut butter and Pita was so good too!