Men’s Group Autumn Update – 2013

Men’s Group Autumn Update – 2013

We spent 6 weeks in India working with Bro. James who is the director at India Christian Ministries (ICM). They seek to expand their community

plants from 5000 to 8000 in the next several years in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Currently, Andhra Pradesh is seeking to bifurcate the state into Telengana and Seemandhra. We saw the effects of protests during our stay as many disagree with the decision to split. This is due to the fact that water resources will also be divided, amongst other things. Several days were a standstill as certain locations came to a halt due to closings of local businesses and planned power outages.

At the beginning, Seth and Mark Gottlieb flew into Hyderabad for a week of brainstorming our engagement and what we believed it could look like with bro. James and his lead staff.


Our team worked on a variety of projects:

Hugh headed up leadership trainings not dissimilar to what we did in Nepal before India.

Justin spearheaded the design of a 3 million dollar building to be headquartered in Hyderabad.

Sunoh worked practically nonstop on design projects including the complete revamping of their website (check out his work at

Zebulun worked extensively on the on-ramp program helping to streamline the process of volunteers coming to ICM. This resulted in an invitation to return to ICM early next year to work full time as the Volunteer Program Assistant Manager.

Although Sunoh has returned to the States and Hugh will be doing so at the end of this next week, we have grown strong together as a team and closer to the Lord.
Now, we have hit the ground running in Seoul Korea and have already traveled extensively around the country visiting our contacts extensive network. We are in process of realizing our relationship as KJ and Adventures (AIM) as a whole with Global Missions Society (GMS) the missions division of the Presbyterian Church, which is the largest denomination in Korea with over 12000 churches in South Korea alone.

We are introducing the idea of a Korean World Race and they seem to be cautious but open. At the moment we are discussing partnership “terms”, if you will. GMS has offered us office space for a year in a central location – if there is such a place in Seoul – as well as a vehicle
for local transportation. In the meantime, they have opened up space in their actual headquarters for our team in Gangnam.

Please pray for us as we move forward. We believe that Korea is a strategic launching pad for the rest of Asia just as Spain is for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

We see God’s hand making splashes and his Spirit moving like ripples across a pond surface. Yes, it can be uncomfortable at times but change (read ‘progress’) is not always comfortable and that’s okay.


– The KJ Group


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    • yes…haha

    • At least we weren’t eating curry for every single meal… it was a nice change.