How To Excel At Life (or anything for that matter)

How To Excel At Life (or anything for that matter)


It was raining outside.

We were on the second floor by the big glass window watching the city go by below and the towering buildings overhead.

The café ambiance boosted our Saturday morning sleepy mood. The smell of coffee, the
clinking of the cups, the whir of the coffee beans getting ground, the people chatting, the caffeine pouring.

Our discussion turned to our high school experience and how it influenced who we are today.

We talked about how at one point we were basically the underdogs and how through a specific moment or a series of moments something changed. Someone told us something and that made the difference.
Something changed in our minds and our hearts. We learned to excel. But only because we learned the “secret to success”.

So how do you learn to excel? What is the secret formula?

It’s quite simple really. And it’s no secret either. Keep these three points in mind:


1. Be coachable

– If you don’t let other people teach you and show you how to do something, you will lose out on a huge opportunity of growth. Approach life with the attitude that everybody has something to teach you. It helps keep you humble and people love being around those who admit their mistakes but get back up and press forward!

2. Use your talent

– What are you really good at? If you are talented at something, don’t avoid it but learn to become great in whatever it is. Whether
that means you are athletic, good at writing, talented linguistically, know how to bake a great cake, etc. your talent is a gift to be given to the world. Do it well and you will be respected well.

3. Obey the Rules

– In order to break the rules one must first master them. Some people break rules and get punished for doing so. Other people break those same rules and avoid any would-be consequences. Why is that? Do they have some super human ability to get out of trouble? Or is it because they know why the rules are there in the first place, have obeyed the rules in the past and now have effectively learned to master them and as a  result can break them sans negative consequences?


So, what has somebody told you that put you on a different life path?

  • Serve someone else’s dream is also a really good one… Learning how to serve is a huge lesson for success, I feel like.

  • Great lessons on how to excel!