Desert Water

Desert Water


I am sitting on the very tip of the bow cross legged. With each passing wave I go up then come back down – and the cycle repeats itself.

The sun is setting. The skyline is filled with the silhouettes of palm trees, hotels and the minarets towering over their mosques below. The river is crowded with  night boats and their flashing party lights. A speedboat races past on the left making waves. The boat rocks back and forth. The warm desert wind brushes past bringing with it the delicious smells of cooking street vendors from the nearby shore.

I’m on the Nile River in Lower Egypt.

The sound of the water splashing against the boat calms me.

My legs are getting tired. I shift my body and put my right foot into the murky water below. The water feels refreshing.

I was here 2 years ago but at the mouth in Jinja, Uganda, 3000 miles south. I wonder if I am touching any of the same water I touched from my rafting trip. Just think, Moses was floating under cover before he was taken out of this same river. Am I touching any of the same water he did?

It’s dark now. The crescent moon above shines through the night sky and glistens off the water below. We are done and step back onto the shore. A small fire is burning nearby.

I will sleep well tonight.


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  • Glace

    Zeb: very calming and tranquil. Nice photos as well.

  • amazing man. had an excellent journey with you and looking forward to the rest of life.