Crossroads: 2000 Miles

Crossroads: 2000 Miles

One Greeting:

Congrats and best wishes to the first Women’s Kingdom Journey. Be safe out there ladies! Bring Kingdom!

Two Really Exciting Things I Really Think YOU Should Know:


Thanks to the mentors and many financial supporters from the trip, I have been able to pay the debt from the trip off completely! This makes me completely debt free now. No loan debt, student or otherwise! No credit card debt! No personal debts from friends or family! No vehicle debt! And that makes me indebted to you each of you my supporters! Thank you!


The Setting
At the conclusion of the first men’s Kingdom Journey trip, I had been given the opportunity to work with our contact in South India. I accepted the position with no idea of what it would look like for me or where I would live.

I finished the year strong with my family in Milwaukee, WI (near Chicago) and the onething Conference in Kansas City, MO. The new year loomed on the horizon and I felt unsure.

The Request

Where would I live? USA? India? Where in the States would I be? Do I stay in Milwaukee? Then ICM asked me to move to the other side of the USA. Would I actually move? It’s a 2000 mile hike!MKE - LAX

The Decision
After much discussion and prayer, plans have been set for mid-March. I move to Dana Point (just south of Los Angeles, Southern California) to work with ICM. I will fly, not hike! I will be assisting them as ICM, an Indian organization, sets up a base in the USA. Officially, I do Volunteer Logistics. And I began working full time in Milwaukee with ICM back in January.


Southern California

The three things YOU can do!

1. If you live or know of anybody in the L.A. area, leave me a comment and maybe we can meet up!

2. Know of any great restaurants/shops/galleries/museums/cafes/gatherings or other spots in the L.A. area I just have to check out?
Leave me a comment about it!

3. Say a prayer or two for me right now! Even though I’ve been to Southern California before, moving from where I grew up is not necessarily the easiest thing. It will be hard to leave behind all of the memories, friends, acquaintances, connections and community in Milwaukee.

Either way, I am super excited about this new chapter in my life!