All In

All In

To be honest is to be vulnerable.

iStock_000000115506Medium.jpgI am going to be vulnerable with you.

You stand on the shore and dream. What is beyond the horizon?

And that’s this: This trip scares me very much!

Not because I’m in any inherent danger but because this is real. Very real.

This is no joy trip – this is real life in the making. This isn’t about just dreaming – this is about actually building a dream.

I get to talk and learn from high caliber mentors, many of whom are entrepreneurs but all are leaders in their fields. At times it is very intimidating because I feel like a child who gets to sit at the adult table for dinner – I’m honored but feel way out of my league.

But honestly, I am ready for this. I’m learning to have faith and trust God. I’m ready to grow. I am ready to step up in this way. I’m ready to walk in my destiny. I’m ready to hone and implement my skills and Talents to make this world a better place.

In two words I’m:

All in!

– Zebulun

P.s. I’ve been enjoying Josh Garrels’  Love & War & The Sea In Between