10 Qualities of Great Leadership

10 Qualities of Great Leadership


Being a leader means knowing how to equip people to do be able to do something without you having to help them. You are there to assist them if need be but you are not to do their work for them.

Here are 10 qualities that are recognizable in great leaders:

1. Tenacity – A great leader has tenacity. Tenacity is persistent determination or the resolve to move forward despite opposition

2. People Person – A great leader has good people skills. Leaders interact with many different people and will know how to interrelate with them.

3. Adaptability – A great leader is adaptable. Leaders find themselves in many different situations and will flexible and learn to adapt without compromising their values or the values of the company.

4. Make’s Decisions – A great leader knows how to make decisions.

Remember Q-CAT for making decisions (credit: CareerBuilder.com)

Q – Quick – Make quick decisions but don’t be too hasty
C – Committed – Be committed to your decision but not rigid
A – Analytical – Analyze the options but not too much. Over analyzing can cause fear which leads to indecision.
T – Thoughtful – Be thoughtful of who the decision will affect but don’t be obsessed with pleasing everyone.

5. Vision – A great leader has vision. Where do you want to go or be in the future? Do you communicate that with your team?

6. Passion – A great leader is passionate. Nobody likes to work with someone who is boring, especially if that boring person is their boss. Passion inspires the people around you!

7. Team Builder – A great leader is a great team builder. When your team works well together you can move forward with greater capacity.

8. Trustable – A great leader is trustworthy. Great leaders demonstrate character, honesty and integrity.

9. Role Model – A great leader is a good role model. People should excel if they imitate your work ethic. A great leader will keep a positive attitude.

10. Servant – A great leader is a servant. A great leader will invest in their team and love them. They will inspire their team and make sure they feel valued on an individual level. After all, you would not be where you are if it wasn’t for them. Expressing gratitude is key here. So be generous.



“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – J Quincy Adams



This is not an exhaustive list. What other traits have you identified in great leadership?