What Is Kingdom Journeys?

Kingdom Journeys is our umbrella program for all mid-term alumni trip offerings (2-6 months).

Trips provide an outlet for World Race or Gap Year Alumni to continue walking out what the Lord has started in them. It is a vehicle for mature and driven leaders to pursue their calling in a deeper way, walking in greater depth in one specific target region. It is an opportunity for discovery and equipping in how to find your specific role in helping bring about the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

Duration: Kingdom Journeys trips are mid-term offerings. Trips will range in duration from 2-6 months, though most will be longer to engage greater regional engagement. They are neither meant to be short term or long term missions trips.

Regional Focus: Each trip is focused in one region or country, to encourage deeper levels of engagement and understanding. Trips will prioritize focus in areas of high spiritual need – places that are either unreached or under-engaged. These trips will primarily take place within the 10/40 window among Unreached People Groups.

Participant: Kingdom Journeys accepts applications from World Race or Gap Year alumni, with possible exceptions for mature non-Alumni believers. Participants will be expected to act at a high level of independence and maturity.

Team: Each team will be a small, tight-knit core. While the individual strengths and areas of interest or gifting will vary from person to person, the team is expected to share a heart for the region and a focus of pursuing the Lord in what He is doing in it. They will be expected to foster healthy community and shared direction without traditional leadership structures.

Autonomy: Teams will be given freedom to discover and explore within a region as the Lord leads. They will not be managed or directed externally, but will be allowed freedom of co-creation in following where the Lord leads and pursuing specific opportunities.

Discovery: Through active exploration and engagement, participants will encouraged to discover for themselves how the Lord is working within their region, to better understand how they uniquely fit into joining God in His mission of reconciling people from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue

Equipping: Participants will meet in Gainesville, GA prior to launch for training. Training will at a minimum include Biblical missiology, the task remaining, regionally specific contextualization, and thorough exploration of the region.

Launchpad: Trips are meant to provide an outlet for activation, discovery, and exposure to what the Lord is doing in unreached and under-engaged parts of the world. Participants will have insight into longterm movements, ministries, and opportunities in the region, without being directly provided bridges or connections to longterm options.

Goal: You will come off this trip with an experiential understanding of the ‘task remaining’, how God is working among Unreached People Groups, and how you are uniquely gifted and equipped to join God in what He’s doing around the world, towards the completion of the Great Commission,