FAQ: General Information


A: Kingdom Journeys is the umbrella platform for all mid-term alumni missions opportunities.

Trips will range from 1-6 months in length, and meet a specific missional demand, spiritual opportunity, or be catered to a specific calling and focus.

Trips will primarily be focused in the 10/40 window, operating in countries with higher levels of spiritual need and sensitivity, with a prioritized focus of creating opportunities for Gospel access to Unreached People Groups and pursuing avenues for relational evangelism and discipleship.

Teams will be co-ed and for World Race alumni only. Trips will have more specific focus, and operate with greater autonomy and less structure than the World Race.

These trips provide a further missional outlet, an opportunity for greater ownership and walking in what the Lord has revealed, and ability for alumni to delve into a more specific Kingdom passion and calling. These are not long term trips and won’t meet long term needs, but will ideally provide a mid-term launch pad for alumni to either develop more specific experience, knowledge, and calling about a particular region or ministry.


A: We are looking for spiritually and emotionally mature World Race alumni. Participants should have a solid foundation of both identity and mission, and should be comfortable with independent travel, organizing trip logistics, and handling complex details. They should have strong interpersonal communication skills, and have the ability to think on their feet and solve complex problems. Finally, they should have a heart for the people and the region that they’re hoping to minister in. We hope to launch radical followers of Jesus to give their lives away building a foundation for future labor and fruit, using the unique qualities they’ve been equipped with for just that purpose.  


A: Kingdom Journeys is prioritizes focus on the mission ahead of personal journey. Kingdom Journeys is for those that know the Lord has placed a specific passion, calling, or purpose on their life to work among the unreached in the 10/40 window and develop contacts and inroads into these areas. These trips will help develop participants’ skills in the areas of administration, logistics, networking, relational ministry, missiology, and missional living. They will provide increased training on the front end, exposure, expectation of missional living, and opportunity for ownership. Kingdom Journeys is less program-oriented than the World Race, and will require a mindset that life is ministry and ministry is life. Participants will be responsible for logistics, finances, team cohesion, and spiritual development. Often, participants will be responsible for creating their own schedules and their own “ministry” within the context of each trip. Set ministry and set hosts will not be the norm. Each trip will have different expectations, standards, and focuses. These will be listed on each individual trip application page.



A: While we are sure that spiritual and emotional development will naturally occur, there will not be a built in discipleship structure. There won’t be any team leaders, squad mentors, C&Cs, or team time. You will be expected to use the skills and practices you gained on the Race, without any direct oversight. Spiritual and emotional maturity, as well as a deep understanding of your identity is a prerequisite for acceptance, so that the primary focus of the trip can be more about activation and mission. The focus of this trip will be much more about practical apprenticeship, activating skills and disciplines, and developing independence and leadership.


This does not mean there will be no accountability. Teams will be expected to check in with a staff member or mentor once a week. Typically, no staff will travel out to the field for debrief, leadership, or debriefs with the exceptions of the Story Telling and Pioneering trips.


A: Immediately prior to each launch, teams gather in Gainesville, GA at the Adventures in Missions Headquarters for a few days of training. Training will include geographical, logistical, and financial training to prepare for increased levels of ownership. Training will also go over cultural contextualization, material specific to the religion of the target location, specific cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship training, and introduction to ministries, hosts, and opportunities. In most cases, trips will conclude with a short debrief in Gainesville GA immediately following the trip

Specific Tracks

Kingdom Journeys: Pioneers

 and thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I build on someone else’s foundation…”

Kingdom Journeys Pioneers will send small groups of mature, high-capacity, self-motivated co-ed teams of World Race alumni into the 10/40 window, the region of the world spanning from North Africa to Southeast Asia that is most unreached by the Gospel

Pioneering Teams will be eyes and ears into a region that we have barely scratched the surface of. This team will provide both factual information on the region, as well as spiritual context for what the Lord is doing here.

While finding ministry partners for future teams may be a minor goal for these teams, the primary goal will be to join the Lord in what He’s doing in this region, and to share the Gospel with those who may have never had the opportunity to hear it. The training will specifically reflect this. Any ministry partnerships developed or ministry opportunities pursued should be an overflow of the team’s focus on relational discipleship and having Gospel conversations.

Pioneer trips will longer, more immersive, and much more autonomous and loosely framed than the World Race. While still comprising a journey (both physically and spiritually), these trips will be more adaptable to the desires, skill-sets, and callings of the participants. Teams will be expected to follow the ways the Lord is leading, join Him in His work in the region, and practice what they have learned on the World Race. For much of these trips, there may be no set ministry; rather, ministry will be largely as the participant makes it. These trips are for those who believe that life is ministry, and don’t require a schedule or organization to tell them when and what to do. This will require discernment and obedience, as well as self-motivation and resourcefulness. Participants would ideally be passionate about the region they are launching to or what the Lord is doing among unreached people in that region, must be able to travel and operate independently, and must be able to foster a healthy team dynamic.

These trips provide mid-term access and exposure for Alumni who may have a heart for more specific unreached regions or peoples. While not long term, and while long term aspirations are not at all required to join this team, consider Pioneer trips a mid-term launch pad.

Until all have heard.

Kingdom Journeys: Storytellers

Kingdom Journeys: Storytellers is an opportunity for World Race alumni to further God’s Kingdom through videography. We will take video production teams to capture the raw stories of what God is doing through Adventures in Missions and beyond. The stories will generate awareness of both what God is doing, and successful avenues for creating lasting change.

Participants may be given assignments to capture the story of Adventures’ ministry bases and partners, as well as pray and ask the Lord to lead them to the stories He wants told.

If you’re passionate about furthering the Kingdom through video and seeing the Lord move through storytelling then this might be the experience for you.

Mission:  To Glorify the Lord through storytelling, inspire believers and non-believers with the work of the Lord in other cultures and to give lift to the organization’s by curating marketing content and showcasing on-field activity to increase admission to Adventure’s programs.