Why am I going on Kingdom Journeys?

Why am I going on Kingdom Journeys?

Timing of God

I believe it is the unpredictable timing of God that draws me into Kingdom Journeys. I was not looking for this when it “found” me. My friend Justin Schneider had mentioned the idea months before and I brushed it aside at the moment because I was too busy planning on my life with my girlfriend at the time. However, he caught me again after we had broken up and I realized that God was giving me a second chance.


I’m a senior industrial design major at the University of Notre Dame. I’m at a crossroad of my life in which I’m about to start working full-time after graduating university and I’ll have to make some huge decisions about my future for the next few years. I’ll be coming out of the college-campus bubble and thrown into the “real world.” With thousands of impending school loans at my door and the obvious pressure of finding a full-time job, it has become an utmost priority for me to be grounded in a strong, deep relationship with the Lord before I begin anything. I’m only 22 years old and my life is still ahead of me but I don’t want to waste the first few years idly waiting for something magical to happen between the Lord and myself. I’ve seen people get sucked into the monotonous pattern of work life. I want him to speak to me now and teach me things on this journey so I can apply them into these next few (and precious) years of my young adult life.

Tough Break Up

This past year I went through a tough break up– my first break up and my first love. I was depressed and felt lost for the past six months but in those low times I reached out to the only one who could give me lasting, empowering peace. My family and friends were there for me and I was truly blessed for the support I was given. I was able to connect back with God whom I had sort of neglected over the past year because I had become so content and focused on the relationship.

Kingdom Journeys

I’m convicted that Kingdom Journeys is an excellent opportunity for me to stray away from my comfort zone and really dive into an adventure solely relying and walking with God. Justin introduced the idea to me and brought me into this team. We both share similar passions and outlooks about where we want our career headed.

Anxieties and Worries

My main and only worry right now is actually not finding a job after I get back from Kingdom Journeys… Instead it’s the financial backing I’ll need for this trip and the finances I’ll need to even finish out the semester. Money has never been a huge issue for me as I had always been working and comfortably living off school and bank loans until now. However, as graduation approaches, disposable income is not the same thing as it used to be anymore and the sobering reality that I need savings and funds to be able to do certain things in life (such as Kingdom Journeys) has hit me hard. I was relatively financially independent over the past few years until last year when my father insisted that I hold off on my part-time sculpting job to focus back on my studies at school. Nevertheless I’ve been on two mission trips (3 month YWAM and 1 week medical service trip) before this where God came through and graciously helped me with finances through support letters and generous donations. I’m hoping there’ll be a way this time as well, but I’m ready to accept practical consequences and constraints as well because God has a plan and I trust he’s with me on this one.

As my year at Notre Dame is coming to a close in only a few months, I’m excited about what awaits me after I graduate. I’m trying my best to not have any expectations going into this trip because I would like to be as open minded and accepting as possible for what God has in store for me.