Relationships (girls be teaching us)

Relationships (girls be teaching us)

Based on Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest”, August 30th Chapter

It’s not about our service and works for Jesus, it’s about our relationship with Jesus.

For the same reason, Zeb asked our team: “Is that why we have girls in our lives, to teach us about the importance of relationships?”

That’s interesting. It’s like God placed women in our lives to remind us men that it’s not only about doing things: making money and supporting a family or making an impact on the world with our talents and careers… It’s also about valuing the relationships… the same way God asks us for a relationship more than just services. Men especially can fall into that trap because of our desire to be the money-making, successful caretaker of our family and leaders of our communities. Though we know what relationships are, our expertise is not in comforting, empathy, or affection as it is for for most women. They know relationships, perhaps better than us.

Women are able to teach us about something as crucial and perspective-changing as relationships…. something that God is trying to teach us every day and wants from each of us.

Interesting reflection for the day

  • seth_barnes

    Women certainly have taught me everything I know about relationships, whether my mom, my wife, or my kids, I’ve learned so much from them!

  • I’m always drawn by your insights Sunoh. Sounds like your sisters challenge you quite a bit!