Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself

This is a journal entry I made to myself last week and I thought I might share. I think even non-religious/non-Christians can even relate to this one.

A friend of mine from school, Jackie O’Neill, once told me: “I freaking love people who love themselves”

And this stuck with me because it is quite true. People who are able to love themselves are genuinely appreciative of their gifts and blessings. They are true to themselves and content with themselves. There is always the slippery-slope risk of being arrogant, vain, or delusional, but loving oneself is also a good, healthy sign that could cure many people of their “insecurities” and lack of confidence.

I also think that it’s contradicting and foolish to think that you are capable of loving another person fully, if you cannot love yourself. When people say, “want to change the world? Start with yourself.”

I think they also mean that if you want to love others, your spouse, family, friends, and enemy.. You must learn to at least love yourself.

That’s the only way the quote “love your neighbor as yourself” would ever make sense… If you don’t love yourself, then how can you show true love to your neighbor?

  • Amen, Sunoh. Knowing and loving yourself is foundation for all leadership. Excited for this adventure with you!