Kingdom Journeys: Storytellers

Kingdom Journeys: Storytellers is an opportunity for World Race alumni to further God’s Kingdom through videography. For our pilot trip we will be taking a video production team to Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar to capture the raw stories of what God is doing through Adventures in Missions and beyond. The stories will be woven into a 12 episode documentary series encompassing the whole trip.  

Participants will be given assignments to capture the story of Adventures’ ministry bases and partners, as well as pray and ask the Lord to lead them to the stories He wants told.

If you’re passionate about furthering the Kingdom through video and seeing the Lord move through storytelling then this might be the experience for you.

Mission:  To Glorify the Lord through storytelling, inspire believers and non-believers with the work of the Lord in other cultures and to give lift to the organization’s by curating marketing content and showcasing on-field activity to increase admission to Adventure’s programs.


Q: Who is eligible for this trip?

A: Alumni of the World Race and World Race Gap Year. Non-alumni may be eligible but should expect a more extensive application process and understand this trip was intended to be a year-two program after the World Race.

Q: What are we looking for in a participant?

A: Participants should be self motivated, spiritually healthy, creative and able to work well in a small team. Participants should be passionate about storytelling, with at least one year of experience, and own their own DSLR camera, laptop and professional editing software. Participants should be able to represent their experience with sample work.

Q: Will the structure look like the World Race?

A: The team will have less leadership and more freedom and will be expected to work professionally to complete projects. This will require daily team meetings and feedback both about the work and team dynamics. The team will have one on-field leader and one in-office mentor. Maintaining spiritual health will be a priority to leadership but ultimately the responsibility of each participant.

Q: Do I have to be a videographer?

A: No. The overall project will be creating video content however we are looking for creative and strong writers as well.

Q: Why is the price higher than three months on the World Race?

A: The daily food, lodging and transportation budget is higher than the World Race to ensure teams have adequate resources like electricity and internet access to complete projects.

Still have questions? Contact us and a Kingdom Journeys staff member will get back with you as quickly as possible to help get them answered!