*Lack of internet prevented me to post this before heading out on the trail. A new post will follow with stories from that adventure.

We finally made it to beautiful Cape Town after trekking through five cities, sitting, crouching and “sleeping” in three international flights and experiencing an unbelievable nine-hour layover in Istanbul. As I groggily stepped off the plane I was reminded of all the people who helped me get to this point. Those who gave me a donation as I stood outside Wal-Mart sharing the vision behind Kingdom Journeys, amazingly generous anonymous donors, former co-workers, my family and friends, have helped me get to this place. Because of you I get to live life in a more intentional way. I get to live out one of my dreams of working with women who’ve been victimized and abused. I get to be part of their story because you were part of mine.

Thank you for trusting me to do the work set before me. Work in places like Swaziland and Kenya, where we will get to encourage women out from places of shame, sorrow and hopelessness and begin the long process of restoration.

Tomorrow, Ruth, Betty, Christina, Meghan and I start a five-day hike through the Hoerikwaggo trail beginning at the Cape of Good Hope. The hike symbolizes the spiritual and emotional journey the women in places like Swaziland, Kenya and Thailand will go through as the share part of their story with us.