Catch up. Not just a condiment.

Based on the content of my last blog, I have my work cut out catching you up-Gosh, I thought I’d be better at this! My previous post was “The Big Announcement” where I talked about the tentative route of our trip. Let’s just say I’m glad I used that word because in fact the route has changed. On January 26th, we’ll fly to South Africa where we’ll spend two weeks launching our six-month journey in the countries of Swaziland, Uganda, Kenya, Thailand and the Philippines. I know! I can hardly believe it myself!

While in Cape Town, my team (more on them later) and I will be hiking the Hoerikwaggo Trail for five days raising awareness about Kingdom Journeys and the Beauty for Ashes healing seminars. The hike represents the emotional journey many women will take as they step away from the hurts brought on from domestic violence, sexual abuse, depression and HIV and step into their true identity. You can read more about the hike here: KJ Freedom Hike I’ll be posting pictures from the trail as we summit Table Mountain-it’s said to have some of the most beautiful views in all of Africa!

We’ve been entrusted with the task to reach out to women in need of healing, peace and community; the Beauty for Ashes seminars are created to allow for transformation to happen. It’s a big task but we know we have the counsel of the Holy Spirit to lead us on. You can read more about the seminars here: Beauty for Ashes.

Now onto introducing you to my team, get ready y’all cause each of them are serious beauties, inside and out.

  • Christina Dombrowsky is our director-thank the Good Lord for that! She’s able to wrangle crazy chaos into fun and manageable chaos-which happens a lot. She’s from Florida and has one of the most amazing laughs I’ve ever heard. She’ll be with us in Cape Town and in Swaziland.
  • Meghan Tschanz and I met in Australia while we were doing our Discipleships Training School with YWAM. We chatted twice and shared our passion for women’s rights and equality. It was love from the very beginning. She’s a great writer and a crazy adventurous woman!
  • Betty Gomez is one of the most lovely, gentle and sweet spirits I have ever met. She’s a true woman of her word and God gives her many words, so I’ll be intently listening to all she has to share. Plus we can speak Spanish to each other! Win win.
  • Ruth Leppard is the last member of our team. She learned about what we were doing about three weeks ago and knew God wanted her to be part of it, I’m so glad she said YES! Keep an eye out for her posts on our KJ page.

Since leaving Colorado to join the team in Georgia life has gone full speed and in the moments when life is crazy and stressful God is quick to give me grace and I’m reminded of the privileged position I am in. I am so grateful to friends and family who’ve supported me along the way. Know that I’m committed to keeping you informed as this path unfolds before me.

  • Debbie Mueller

    Paulina – I am so excited for you and your team! You all are doing amazing work. May you be safe and blessed! I cannot wait to hear about this amazing journey! Peace.