The Big Announcement

Kingdom Journeys Women’s Team One 2014 tentative Route:

Manila, Philippines 

Andhra Pradesh, India 

Swaziland, Africa

 These are locations and organizations that showed interest in working with us. From now until January there is a possibility the route might change; the places we’re still prayerfully considering are Thailand, Kenya, Amsterdam and Spain.

We are beyond excited about the plans and dreams we have for each location, preparing to have an impact and to be part of lasting change in the lives of our brothers and sisters. Each contact is doing amazing things with very little resources and we are honored to work along side of them and become part of their story.

Manila, Philippines

After retiring from teaching and coaching at the high school level, Kenny Sacht and his wife put their focus on the Philippines. From early on they were attuned to the needs of the community in the city of Manila. Networking with people they knew, his ministry slowly took shape, first by providing food and dental care.

After several trips he learned about human trafficking­­­­­­­­—realizing he’d seen it first hand in Manila. Out of that knowledge grew Wipe Every Tear . 18 months later, he along with a devoted group of staff and volunteers, have acquired a home aptly called Hope House, where women saved from the sex trade live freely and peacefully.

Kenny knows that investing in the girls will pay in great dividends; Wipe Every Tear is committed to providing a footing out of poverty, not just with good intentions but also with tangible and lasting interventions. At the moment Wipe Every Tear, along with the help of supporters, are providing the girls with scholarships to university.

Visit their Facebook page, which is packed with so much information as well as their webpage.

Andhra Pradesh, India

James and Sarah Rebbavarapu are in their 16th year of working intently in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. During that time they’ve delineated a vision focused on community development—clean water, medical and dental needs, disaster relief and a special focus on the needs of children. Half of the world’s orphans live in India, an easy prey to labor and sex trafficking.

Their work is one of continual partnership, building bridges to provide and fulfill not only the spiritual but physical needs of their neighbors.

Read about their history and current projects on their homepage.

Swaziland, Africa

The world is well aware of the needs and the difficulties Africa as a nation faces, and I’m thrilled to share that Kingdom Journeys has an opportunity to invest in the country of Swaziland.

Kingdom Journeys has it’s home in Adventures in Missions, an organization that’s been in existence since 1989. AIM is connected and has ministries all over the world, so when we arrive in Swaziland our connection will be with AIM. In short the focus there is Women’s ministry.


You might be asking what it is Kingdom Journeys will be doing at each location, I’m glad you asked. While we will be mindful of the work being done at each location, we have a vision to put on Beauty from Ashes seminars. These seminars are meant to provide at time and a space for women to openly and safely share their experiences, knowing the pain and sorrow many have experienced in their lives. But we also know there is power in meeting together and listening. After the seminars we will have time to follow up with the women we meet and provide for their needs as they become apparent.


It’s an exciting time as we continue to develop this idea and give life to these dreams. Consider partnering with us through giving, through prayer and become informed of the issues outside of our country.

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