Buckets and New Beginnings

Buckets and New Beginnings


Sometimes you just need a little reminder, a reminder that it all goes on, that somewhere around the world someone is falling in love and another is dancing in the rain. Someone, somewhere is welcoming their new child into the world and another is seeing the ocean for the first time.

And every so often I need to remember the beauty of new beginnings. Especially after the last two months I have had. My role was to listen and grieve with women who had some of the saddest stories on the planet, over and over again.

Stories of husbands killing wives and children killing children, of rape and robbery and rottenness. Stories that slowly began to embitter my view of the world. I came to help them be lifted from their past but I found myself slowly being pulled downward.

The sky started to look a little less blue and the future seemed to be a little more scary.  It was in this state that I found myself as our plane touched down on Thai soil.

As our cab navigated through the streets of Bangkok I felt a swelling my chest like my heart feels a little bit at home in the land of smiles. I don’t know how else to describe it, but to me it feels like Christmas, or the ocean, or a Boulder Baked Cupcake. It starts as this warm feeling in my chest and radiates out of me like sun-rays.

In Thailand they have this water-fight festival called Songkran, it’s three days where every man, woman and child heads to the streets to throw buckets of water on one another. The old and young alike don water guns of every size shape and color waiting to wash away the past year and begin a new one.

Though the whole idea of Songkran has yet to be explained to me I think I get it. I think I understand a lot happens in a year, a lot of good stuff and a lot of bad stuff. And sometimes you just need a bucket of water dumped on your head to wash you clean and to remind you that each day is new, alive and twinkling.

At least that’s what Songkran was to me, it was laughter and playfulness and sunshine. And after my time in Africa God knew it was just what I needed, a reminder that this world, despite her flaws, is a beautiful place.

And that life is for the living my friends.

Believes in love. The kind of love that comforts a prostitute and laughs with children. A love that gives it all and expects nothing in return. The kind of love that Jesus modeled. Human Trafficking gets her riled up and she yearns to see the end of slavery as we know it by bringing kingdom to the Earth. An adventurer at heart, she is dedicated to taking the path less traveled. She lives out her love story here, paintedorange.org.
  • Zebulun

    Hah! That’s great! You maximized your workforce tenfold with just a couple of dollars!

    Plus, I’m reminded to be grateful for the little things – the little miracles – God graces us with!

    Thanks for sharing Justin!

  • Sunoh Choe

    hahahha this is awesome. i had a bad experience giving away just one bag of chips to a group cause one bully just snatched the whole thing and ran off. lesson learned: bring more

  • Liz

    Meghan! I am so happy to read that God gave you the blessing to be a part of that. You seem to be so full of joy in all of those pictures! Just remember whenever you are feeling sad or dragged down by others’ sadness— you are giving them the complete opposite feeling. Pure joy, grace, and peace from our Father. Keep it up, lady!!! Please let us know if you have any specific prayer requests for you or any of the other Kingdom Journey ladies! We are so proud of you and are praying for you! Love, Liz & Brett

    • Liz you are the sweetest! I miss you lady!

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Thanks Liz!! I love love love you!

  • Kristy Niccolls

    Wow! I’m just now reading all your blogs and loving them! I’m so glad I got to be in the Philippines with you, and I am so encouraged by what you are writing! You are all in my prayers!