Why I Must Go

It is estimated that nearly 4 million people are trafficked each year. A disproportionate number of these individuals are women and children who have been sold into the sex trade.
The poem below is written as reflection of my time in Thailand. My days there were filled with the tending of banana trees and the clearing out of murky swamp waters. My nights were spent walking the dark streets of a major trafficking hub, ministering to at risk women. It is difficult for me to explain what it is like to witness such injustice, to see a woman being bought and sold as a commodity, displayed in a glass box, and even further, watching others “window shop.” It moves one to action. I can no longer live my life the same as I did before.

That is why I must GO.

I must go proclaim freedom to the captives. I must tell them who He is and who they are in Him, bestowing upon them beauty instead of ashes, showing them they are WORTH it.

Dear Fish

Dear Fish,
I stand submerged in the murky waters of your home,
the swamp of injustice clouded by demand.
From here, I see Venus is indeed a trap.
I see evil eyes shadowed by guile,
lurking on the banks,
waiting to devour life to sustain death.
Their breath filled with the stench
of an emptiness they try to fill with human flesh.
I know they often call you names—
the hook of blame
speaking lies
covering you with shame.
But let blame sink,
for I am here to feed you Hope.
I throw in my Anchor to pull out the weeds
that block your path to swimming free.
As they flourish, your home is invaded,
their desire leading to fish bowls—
where waters are black and the soul is starved
and your eyes forget the light.
But Dear Fish, I have not forgotten.
I am desperate for you to see,
to live in the Living Waters with me.
There you’ll be called by your new name:
Royal Daughter, bought with a final price of LOVE.