Why am I going on KJ?

Why am I going on KJ?
I’m hungry and yet I’m famished.

Going on Kingdom Journeys with you guys challenges everything I have built my life up to be.  My parents have always told me, “You’re great, you are going to amount to something, and one day you’re going to influence many – be a leader Justin.” This is great parenting and yes, it builds confidence, but it also makes your feel immune to the pitfalls of this adventure we call life. I couldn’t have asked for better parents then what God dealt me, but their desire to see me succeed has fed my desire to base my success in life on performance.

I’m ready to step out from the conventional route and take the road less traveled – The road that takes me away from dependence on self and full reliance on Christ.

Seth Sr. speaks about brokenness and its only when we learn to rely on the Lord as a result of our brokenness that we fully experience His love. With all the desires in my heart and ideas I’d like to implement, they mean nothing if I can’t lay the foundation of who I am in Christ – my savior. So, I cast down the nets I’ve mended for myself. I look for Gods greatness in Kingdom Journeys with the men on this pilgrimage.

I am going on Kingdom Journeys to learn reliance on God, build community with fellow trailblazers, and to lose my pride, ego, and self.