Update and A Thanks to My Supporters

Update and A Thanks to My Supporters

Since I flew out to Spain on May 1st, I’ve gone from walking the Camino de Santiago to working in Madagascar with National Geographic. On August 7th, I’ll be on my way to Nepal to join Sunoh, Hugh, and Zebulun, the other Kingdom Journeys participants. We are partnering with a company that looks to employ Nepalese workers to train in business skills. Since the Kingdom Journeys guys have arrived in Kathmandu they have met with the executive team to understand their current needs and how we can help.

As some of you may know, I launched with Kingdom Journeys May 1st for our team building exercise which was the 500 mile walk across Spain.  After the Camino, I left the team to work with National Geographic in Madagascar to work as the illustrator on a medical field guide. It’s been amazing to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and organizations. The main research team I’m here with is Mahery (strength) run by Chris Golden. The NatGeo team and I are all living at Chris’ home in Maroatsetra a coastal town on the North East of Madagascar. His home is a two story cabin, which would be the equivalent of Oprah’s house in the States. We take cold bucket showers, sleep on mattresses under nets, and sweat while we work in the Sauna that is Madagascar. Everyone here is committed to their work and love what they do.. That’s why Dan, a pathologist and prof. at Harvard, and Ryan, a Phd student at Berkeley are here to draw blood samples for new strands of Malaria.. and why Corie, who speaks fluent Malagasy, French, and English, and is a professional Botany illustrator have come here. I feel blessed to observe and learn from the variety of projects being conducted under one roof. I’m looking forward to carrying what I’m learning in Madagascar to Nepal come August.

The opportunity to walk the Camino with the KJ team, serve the people in Nepal, and work with Indian Christian Ministries in India would not be possible if it were not for my supporters. Thank you all for contributing to my mission. Thank you for working with me to serve others around the world and for helping me carry God’s love and the gospel to those we work with in the field. Please reach out to me with any questions or little inklings you might have on how my journey is going. My email is jstarters@gmail.com. I promise to get back to all your questions.

Much Love from Madagascar,


  • Wow bro. Sounds pretty intense, gotta love Africa. Keep pressing into God’s love and listening for His voice as you go through the day. All the guys are starting off our day with the same rhythm of prayer and breakfast, everything has developed really nicely here. It’s awesome.

  • John Traub

    Very inspiring!

  • Seth Barnes Jr.

    Sounds incredible man! Praying for you and the KJ team.

  • colby gardner

    Get it, son! Great learnings in Madagascar I see that will definitely be a help to the KJ team! Keep it up, bro! Proud of you. Keep making muddy knees out there…

  • Vu Mark Nguyen

    hashtag adventure dude

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  • Rynette

    How great is God’s love for this beautiful Rosa and all the other “Rosas”! And thank you for loving them! Love you and praying for you!

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Thanks Mama!

  • Peggy Moffitt Chantlos

    Lives change when you sit under the trees and listen to the story of a women that needs for someone to hear. Thank you for being there.

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Thanks Peggy! I have heard such wonderful things about you from Betty! You are an encouragement!