The Inspiration of Spiritual Initiative

The Inspiration of Spiritual Initiative
This morning I read through Oswald Chambers devotion titled, Arise From the Dead (feb 16th). Chambers challenges us to differentiate between the aspirations of man and the ones that Christ sets in our heart. I’m challenged often with the struggle to discern between what it is Christ is calling me for and what route others encourage me to travel down.

Part of our journey as brothers is to challenge each other daily to hear Gods voice. What is he challenging you with? What is he placing on your heart? Charlotte Bronte said, “Instead of looking forward or backwards, I focus on looking upward.”

Chambers reminds me of the trust we can have in God’s word to direct our path. Just the other night I was having this discussion over dinner with a friend who has placed in her heart a passion for education and a desire to help empower young people to actualize their greatest potential. She is designing and developing software to make this a reality. I tell you this because she never wanted to start a business – but her passions lie in a higher calling that Christ put on her heart.

We may not always be excited about the medium Christ chooses for us, and sometimes it will be hard to follow through with where He wants us to be. However, I believe that when we listen to God’s higher calling, he will reward us with immeasurably more.

So I ask, what is God inspiring you to do? Are you hearing His voice?

  • Amen, Sunoh. Knowing and loving yourself is foundation for all leadership. Excited for this adventure with you!