Out to run the Marathon in Vitoria

Kingdom Journeys Marathon Justin Schneider
I just met up with the team in Votoria last night and ran a marathon today. I ran it with Daniel and it was a great way to get to know him.
Up to last night, I was not going to run the Marathon here in Vitoria. But when I arrived Daniel said he was going to at least run the half and told me how excited he was that I was going to be running with him so I figured I would just keep him company. We figured it would be great if we just got half way. To preface this race, my ankle had been hurting up till a few weeks ago and I hadn’t run bit 3 times in the last 2 1/2 weeks, not to mention Daniel had just had a late night in Bilbao and was feeling a little under the weather.
The intercom blared with some words in Spanish that were too fast for us to understand. We didn’t even know if the race had started for us until some guy tapped me on the shoulder that this was the start of the race for everyone.  The first 10km were a breeze at our pace. We ended up losing Dusty at the first water station so we threw up a prayer that he would finish strong. All was good until about 20km in when my knees started hurting and at 25km (just over 15 miles)  I really wanted to stop. Dan and I decided we would take a break and stretch at the next water station and we continued. We were getting so tired until there starte to be food stands with orange and banana slices and a few gue packs which looked packaged more like Petrol oil. These hit a just the right time and gave us the boost we needed to continue the race. again our energy started to drain – with very little to eat before when we crossed 32km. I looked down at my watch which read exactly 3:00 hours. W realized we only had 10km left to run and looked at each other thinking, we can definitely finish the last 10km in under and hour! With that, Daniel burst forward at a 7 minute mile pace. We held this pace and 24 minutes later I realized we had covered 5km, only 3 more miles to go!
These last 3 miles were the hardest of the race.. We went from a blast of a second wind to running on reserve tanks. There were no more stations in site and the roads kept taking us around the outside of the old part of Vitoria.. Finally, as I was about to pass out, we turned a road into the city with 2km left to g0.


Daniel and I were on fire to finish and all we could think about is that puffy blown up arch that says Terminar in puffy white letters. When I would get tired, Daniel would speed up forcing me along with him – we vouched not to stop till we got to the finish – and when Daniel would start to slow down, I would burst out ahead cheering him to keep running. We past Cathedral of Santa María de Vitoria and knew the finish was just around the corner. We launched into a sprint and finished the Marathon in 3:50.00 and were immediately congratulated by the other guys! Finished my first Marathon today and couldn’t have done it if I didn’t have Daniel to run with me. I’ll be spending the rest of today eating good food and having a pint on the side streets here in Vitoria to celebrate not just the Marathon, but mom who got me into running in the first place.
Dusty, Daniel thanks for running a good race with me. Great start to Kingdom Journeys.
  • Kelly Poquiz

    You are definitely the only person I know that can wake up one morning, think “maybe I’ll run a marathon today”, and then actually go do it. Great job, and what a fun read! God bless your journey, Justin! Be a light of Christ in this world. Stay safe!

  • Carla Clark

    Hi Meghan, can’t wait to hear how your hike up Table Mountain went as I’m sure you will have experienced some divine “connections” through the Holy Spirit along the way. It’s so great to read about your “conversations with Him” through your posts as you and He seems to have a special connection. Can’t wait to here from you via Skype when you get a chance. God bless you above and beyond what you could hope for or imagine. Carla

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Carla! Yes we will have to skype about it soon. You taking the time to read my blog and comment means more than you know!