Kids of Madagascar: More on Giving and Less on Getting

Kids of Madagascar: More on Giving and Less on Getting

It’s pretty crazy out here and in a way has changed how I feel about things.. I was really excited to go somewhere uncomfortable, and I guess Madagascar is that place. We returned from a small village up river from Maroatsetra (home base) this morning and I’ve never seen so many kids excited about the smallest things. The house we were staying at had a makeshift grocery store in the front so one of the research assistants and I bought all the candy in the store and started throwing it out to the kids as a gift. I told Dolph to tell all the kids to get their friends and come back because we had a gift for all of them and when they come back to tell the kids that we have a gift for them. WE have a gift because God loves us. He loves me and I want to show that love to you. Then I asked Dolph to ask the kids if I could pray for them that they would grow strong and feel God’s love. They all agreed and all ate candy running around dancing and flipping. It’s about 300 Ariary for each peace of candy, something none of these kids can afford, but is the equivalent of about 25 cents. So it’s a small sum to feed a village, hah! I’ve never seen so many kids freak out over vanilla thins and sugared nuts! After that, Dolph, the field assistant I was with went out to the forest to collect plant samples and about 15 kids followed us into the forest and wanted to help collect the samples.

I started calling the kids our little muskets because all we had to do is just tell them where to fire off to and they’d go climbing up a tree or jump in a bush to grab fruit or leafs for us!

It was awesome – these kids were minions ready for any command, hah. Not to romanticize things too much, but it reminded me of Lord of the Flies, except the kids weren’t quarreling over each other. They we’re so happy to be around us. It was like a nuclear reactor was about to go off in their chests!.. hah.. Ok, basically I’m saying I didn’t expect kids to be so entertaining or for something as simple as giving kids a crummy version of candy. They loved us – at least for the day and were our loyal little helpers. : )



  • Zebulun

    Hah! That’s great! You maximized your workforce tenfold with just a couple of dollars!

    Plus, I’m reminded to be grateful for the little things – the little miracles – God graces us with!

    Thanks for sharing Justin!

  • Sunoh Choe

    hahahha this is awesome. i had a bad experience giving away just one bag of chips to a group cause one bully just snatched the whole thing and ran off. lesson learned: bring more

  • Liz

    Meghan! I am so happy to read that God gave you the blessing to be a part of that. You seem to be so full of joy in all of those pictures! Just remember whenever you are feeling sad or dragged down by others’ sadness— you are giving them the complete opposite feeling. Pure joy, grace, and peace from our Father. Keep it up, lady!!! Please let us know if you have any specific prayer requests for you or any of the other Kingdom Journey ladies! We are so proud of you and are praying for you! Love, Liz & Brett

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Thanks Liz!! I love love love you!

  • DC Carter

    Meghan — As I’ve said in previous correspondences: I really appreciate the honesty and inspiration that you share in your writings. I’ve made it a policy to share your blogs on my Facebook page each time. Thanks for all you do — you’re awesome!

  • Bethany Holland

    Meghan, this is incredible. I absolutely loved your words and like so many other women, I can relate! Thank you for being brave and honest! LOVE you!! 🙂

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Thanks Bethany. I am o so glad you can relate!

  • Kristy Niccolls

    Wow! I’m just now reading all your blogs and loving them! I’m so glad I got to be in the Philippines with you, and I am so encouraged by what you are writing! You are all in my prayers!