Christians Can Learn from Nike

Christians Can Learn from Nike
Have you ever met a believer who said, “I’m waiting on the Lord to tell me what to do?” or “God is calling me to do ‘x’ with my life” Well today I heard a fellow believer say, “Stop using God as an excuse, just do it and if it works out then give God the credit.”

It’s great to wait on the Lord and hearing his voice should be foremost in why we do what we do. The problem arises when we over spiritualize or use God’s name as a way validate our actions.

Why not take advice from Nike and “Just Do It.” With less talking and more action we can accomplish more and as a result of our success, give the glory to God.

  • Mom

    Be glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble, and prayerful always. Romans 12:12
    Praying for patience and for complete healing. We will pray for encouragement. We will continue to pray for the rest of the team also as they journey on.
    Your family 🙂

  • Constance

    Yay! Jesus never fails… Love what God is doing and continuing to do in and through you. Your humility and joy for your Papa encourages and challenges me. Thanks Neil! May the adventure expand and wisdom increase because of the love that you and Jesus give to each other.

  • Andrew McBurney

    Wish I could be with you right now, Neil. Great to hear your story.
    A hiking pole might be able to help you going down hills. And don’t forget to stretch.

    • Thanks Andy! I actually do have some poles. They are a big help!

  • Teri Frana

    I find that it’s easier to learn how to serve and do and do, then it is to rest and trust. A Kingdom Journey is never complete until there is a lesson in resting in the Lord.

    I pray for peace, joy, and power in the waiting –