A Blessing to Celebrate Fathers Day.

A Blessing to Celebrate Fathers Day.
Today is fathers day and to honor him, I want to share with you what I sent him this morning.
I had the privilege of walking 10 days (8hrs a day) across the northern coast of Spain with my father on the Camino – the spiritual pilgrimage St. James took to Santiago de Compostela.
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Dear Dad,
After you left the Camino, all the of the guys kept telling me how smart and wise you are. Sunoh in particular kept quoting you on ways we should approach our work this coming year saying we should all look to be ‘missional’ people. Daniel talked about how great of a speaker you are. I asked Daniel for some feedback and he just said, “You should really try to take after your dad. He does a great job of building concrete points, illustrating them, and sticking to the point.”
Of course what these guys were saying to me is nothing new. I’ve been bragging how I’m like my dad since it occurred to me how much people look up to you as their leader. I’m glad people associate my traits and character to be like yours – It’s a sign I’m growing up to be more of a man. Most men go through life with no father figure and no man with a solid foundation of biblical wisdom and integrity. But I do, thats you, and I’ll be the first to say it.
More than above, you should know I appreciate your coaching and mentorship. Since graduating, you have never once told me what to do with my life, or how you would go about doing ‘it’. Instead, you ask me questions, and help me navigate through life’s challenges by leading me to draw my own conclusions. You never bud in or try to take control, you simple listen, love me, and pray that the years of coaching leading up to this point would render me successful. As I draw up the plan for my life, I’ve taken and will continue to take your parenting, coaching, and advice to heart, Second, only to our Father in heaven.
Thanks for making such a powerful impact in my life, always encouraging me to work hard, and giving me any and every tool I will need to succeed. Aside from Him, you are the greatest example of what it means to be a man.
Hope you don’t mind, but I think ill post this to my blog for all to see.
Love you dad and happy fathers day.

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Seth Barnes (founder of AIM and KJ) and my dad (chairman of the Board)

  • glace

    Beautiful, Justin, thanks for sharing. It’s been a blessing to grow up with your Dad — all those years since I first met him in 1979. I’m blessed to see he’s passed on Godly traits to you! Happy Father’s Day.

  • Damon Ghee

    That’s great stuff Justin. You guys are both a blessing!

  • Good stuff man. Who knows what you’ll end up like when you are your Dad’s age, makes for a good story.

  • carla clark

    Oh Meghan this too has been my personal experience!!! I couldn’t have written it better. The day I missed the Skype call because I was in the midst of my prayer walk on the beach in Australia…well this is exactly. I actually heard Him say something like this: Carla I know you love Me…I have no doubts about your love. But do you really know just how much I love you?” And it stopped me in my tracks. I realized the potency of His question. And it has triggered in me a pursuit of a new level of intimacy with my Father that is rich, full of surprises throughout each day and one that I wouldn’t miss for the world.
    I hope we can talk soon on Skype. God bless you and it is sheer pleasure to be praying for you. Carla

  • Bill Gabler

    Truly loved reading this – meant a lot
    Thanks for sharing

  • DC Carter

    I truly become inspired by reading your blogs, Meghan. You’re an awesome person. 🙂

  • Haha haha! The smiles made me have so much joy! Amazing video, so proud of all you’re doing! It’s so good!