Writing for Your Children

Journal for your children

Kingdom Journeys is a unique experience because it combines an older generation with a younger generation.  Cross-generational ministry is something that Adventures in Missions has just started doing with The World Race.  Kingdom Journeys has started out with four mentors out on the field with us and it’s been an amazing experience to have them.

Seth has been teaching us how Jesus led, fought for His identity and stepped into His anointing from the records on Luke.  It’s been an incredible Bible study and one that I will be looking back on many times during my Kingdom Journey.

It’s studies like this that I will want to remember, to teach my children or other people I disciple.

Journaling is one of the biggest parts of my Christian walk, but it is something I’ve only recently began to practice daily.  Journaling has become just as important to me as reading the Word. In Matthew 4:4 Jesus said, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”

Journaling is my way of recording with God is speaking to me.

Journal for your children

I’ve been writing it down to record my prayers, what God is speaking to me, my struggles, and my revelations from the Word.  If I don’t record these things, I will have no way to remember prayers that have been answered, how my faith has changed or even simple lessons I have learned.  Seth talks about our ability to forget in one of his blogs here.  It’s so true, we have an amazing ability to forget.  Think about the last year of your life do you remember everything God did for you?  How have you changed?

As much as writing is healthy for me, I want my children to have the opportunity to learn from what I have walked through.  I want them to be able to know my full faith story and know me on a deep level.  I will tell them my full testimony but I feel like them being able to read it will be much more powerful.  So a few weeks ago I decided I would begin to journal for my future children as well as myself.  Recording more details of my life, writing down quotes and then putting my thoughts on the quotes.

Cross-generational ministry is important to me, we should be interdependent generations not independent generations.

If you are not journaling, I would challenge you to begin once a week. Journal with your iPhone, grab a journal from Barnes & Noble or scribble some words in your Bible.  Journaling will change your relationship with God because you will remember how He has changed you.

  • Helena Jordão

    So good, Hugh!! Writing down God’s goodness in your life is praise and it trains your mind and heart to be in constant thanksgiving. To ‘remember’ wasn’t just a suggestion back then, it was how the faith was carried. Your kids will appreciate being able to read those words of wisdom. Praying for you and for continued depth in the Spirit!

    • Thanks for being so consistent Helena! You’re awesome and thank you for praying for me… Hope you enjoy Texas and being with my family! Crazy.

  • Jill Schulenberg

    Yay journaling! And yay for mentors! I love what God is continuing to do in you Hugh – watching your journey inspires and blesses me! Love you bro 🙂

  • DawnHerring


    I appreciate the multi-dimensional benefits you share here with keeping a journal. Our spiritual lives can be so wonderfully enhanced when we express what we learn and how we will apply what we’ve learned in our journaling. And yes, having such a record to share with our children is an essential element for them to understand where we’ve come from and where we’ve gone spiritually. Then they can pick up with the practice themselves and benefit just as much.

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    Thanks for expressing your desire to share your spiritual life to your kids through journaling.

    Be refreshed,

    Dawn Herring

    Your Refreshment Specialist

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    • Thanks so much Dawn. Thank you for sharing my post on your website.

  • Ann

    I am stoked that you are journaling daily, keep it up!! Don’t let it become “routine” but keep it a great experience!

    • Thanks Ann! I am learning more from God about experience instead of routine. He blesses me every day with a new revelation.