Why am I going on Kingdom Journeys?

Three generations of Hugh L Roberts.


Something I learned about my time on the World Race is that there are floors and ceilings between the generations in God’s Kingdom and that the generation before mine has set a ceiling for my generation to make our floor.


Kingdom Journeys is discovering that floor and receiving that anointing from the older generation.
At the exact same time, it’s about activating my generation into the fullness that they are called to.  If I am going to be a dreamer, I need to learn to activate the people around me into my Kingdom dream.
I see movements starting all around me; people with huge visions that are great visions that I have no doubt are from the Lord.  Then I see a ton of people being move to participate but don’t ever become activated into the movement.  They just want to “like” it on Facebook for popularity.

Kingdom Journeys is about raising up highly gifted Kingdom dreamers and leaders to activate their generation into a movement that isn’t hinged around popularity.

By building a sustainable pilgrimage that will empower this current generation by the older generation.  The ones who have succeeded or failed, but either way they have built their dreams.

I desire to see my generation walking in their calling and with an anointing that only comes from being pushed beyond their limits.  Kingdom Journeys will be a time to truly seek that dependence on the Lord and learn from a group of leaders that will be partnering with me in that journey.

  • Daniel, and so, we’re off! I’m excited to see how this program grows you and helps you become the leader God has designed you to be.

  • He’s going to use you in huge ways on KJ. Super pumped for this… great blog. Hope you’re feeling better after surgery.