When God Shows Up for Healing

When God Shows Up for Healing

I had a dream about healing a lady in a tourist distract in Kathmandu, Nepal and then after the Holy Spirit broke out in the streets and when I woke up it felt so real.  Do you ever have spiritual encounters in your dreams?  I felt like it literally happened and I wanted wake up the guys in my room to tell them the story.  So when we had our morning prayer and worship I told them that we should go down there and pray for healing.  So yesterday we set out on our journey to find the lady in black and having faith that the Holy Spirit would break out in the streets.

The craziest thing happened.

I literally laugh when I think about this story because of how God used us yesterday.

Let’s start from the beginning.

photo 2

We prayed that God would use us before we even left the hostel, and began to pray for the people we would encounter.  It was the first day in a couple days of being in Nepal that it hasn’t poured rain; we’re in the monsoon season.  As we were praying, I thought about tweeting that something big was going to happen today, I decided not to, but I felt it in my spirit.

We left the hostel and Neil gave us some focus – to be praying and observant as we walked through the streets to Thamel, the tourist district.

After getting about half way there I felt God telling me to notice the people in the stores, to be aware of them and not only the people on the streets.  He reminded me of my dream; the lady was inside a store.

So we’re walking and I cross by a lady inside a store and my head starts pounding.  I thought I should stop to ask the lady if she had headaches but the guys were so far ahead I wouldn’t have been able to tell them.

I finally caught Neil and told him what God had been telling me.

Notice the workers in the stores and if you feel something hurting on your body, you’re feeling someone else’s pain.

As we are walking a boy on the back of a bicycle loses one of his flip-flops.  He’s a small boy who was holding onto his father as he peddled down the street.  I was imagining having a son of my own and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  So I run up to grab the shoe that had fallen down a little ways back and take it to the father.  He thanks me and begins on his way again.

Then the little boy drops the other shoe a little ways down.

I’m still thinking about having a boy and the perfect picture of this father taking his son on a bike ride when Neil said, “I don’t think that is a coincidence. Are you getting anything for this man?”

Neil walks up to the man and asks him, “Is there pain in your heart?”

The man doesn’t speak any English and this is where I started laughing at how cool God is.

These two boys walk up immediately and start translating for Neil.

Out. Of. The. Blue.

So Neil asks the father again, the translation isn’t perfect but it gets across and the father says not in his heart but his lungs.

So we ask if we can pray for healing in his lungs.

Then he tells us he is a Christian.

Neil wanted to make sure so he said, “You aren’t a Buddhist?  You aren’t a Hindu?”

The father replies, “I am a Christian.”

Neil and I both laugh.

Then we begin to pray; all I could understand from the man while we prayed was hallelujah and amen.  I heard him begin to pray in tongues as well, I was blown away.  We met a Christian, had translators, prayed for healing and realized that the Holy Spirit was with us the whole time.

After the prayer we told him our names and he told us his, which I cannot remember.  But I know I will see my brother again one day.  At this point I could still not stop laughing at how God moved through us.

We prayed for healing and I believe Jesus healed him that day.

Want to know why?

He didn’t even ride his bike away.

He walked away, probably, more shocked than we were.

I just saw the father walking away, pushing his bike, scratching his head.

It’s moments like that when you know we serve a Living God.

Only He can provide in ways like that, that’s why I don’t believe in Karma or luck.  It was so perfect and it wasn’t random.  That’s what made it such a powerful encounter.

Then we made it to Thamel, made friends with some drug dealers and had dinner, but that’s another unfinished story.

Thamel tourist district in Kathmandu Nepal at night.

  • zebulun

    I love how God uses the little things to blow our minds!

  • Alys Seay

    Hey Hugh… Yes, I remember Guatemala and yes, I remember what happened. Thanks for being in my life and following the Spirit:) Love ya bro!!

  • Helena Jordão

    Amazing! God is so good, and He honors your obedience as you listen to His leading 🙂 what would life look like if we always walked looking and listening? We’d have a lot more testimonies like this! So encouraging!