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Kingdom Journeys Logo 2013This year was packed full of exciting new lessons, people, changed lives, stumbled upon friendships and challenges. I was blessed in more ways than I can count in six months and God has already prepared so much for my future.

To give a full update on every story, revelation or challenge would take forever. I do, however, want to share a general update of all the incredible work that the KJ team did around the world.


El Camino de Santiago

We had an incredible opportunity to be able to participate in a modern day pilgrimage in Northern Spain. It was originally supposed to be a time for team building, bonding and mentoring from Seth Barnes and company.

It was more than that as we began to make friends and impact lives around us. We experienced unique, spontaneous ministry opportunities as we grew close to other hikers and spoke into their lives.

During the trip, there was  opportunities to pour out Jesus’ truth as I let him change my life. We learned to listen more to God’s voice as He used us as His mouthpiece into the lives around us.

Kingdom Journeys men in Egypt at the Pyramids


This was originally supposed to be a long term destination but the contact wasn’t available during the time we were arriving. We stayed for a week and were incredibly blessed to be able to spend time with the church and pastor in Egypt.

The lies that the media is blasting to the world are very untrue. The church in the Middle East is alive and well; it’s thriving and it’s growing. We had an amazing time seeing all the incredible ministry opportunities there and built a friendship/partnership with a local pastor there and Adventures in Missions.

Send off from our great friends in Nepal with our khukri knives in hand.


This was my favorite place on KJ. I had the opportunity to spend three months doing consulting and professional leadership training with an incredible business based in Kathmandu. I love the people of Nepal and I love the family that I have there. We conducted amazing leadership training sessions on topics like Microsoft Excel, Google Drive and communication in the workplaces.

I learned how to incorporate my professional life with my spiritual life. They are not separate.

I lived with an amazing family there, Mark and Laurel Sears, who are my Canadian parents. I loved that family and I miss them every single day. I miss their little daughter Maya who would come sit in my lap every day when I would Skype with Emily.

We were also able to spend an extra amount of time bonding with the community of believers who were there in Nepal. I made some brothers that will last a lifetime and I had the opportunity to hear so much encouraging things from them. They grew me so much by the way they lived their life and shared it with those around them.

We prayed for sick people on the streets, ministered to drunk men, talked amongst Buddhist temples and hiked up a mountain. Life happened and it was good.

Church in India


While working here with India Christian Ministries I conducted 65 training sessions with the pastors and administration staff in their local office. I had the opportunity to continue the training I was doing in Nepal and apply it to a ministry.

Ministries operate like a business on their admin side and it was a blessing to see another side of ministry.

My dad was also able to visit me in India and when he arrived our schedule was packed full of discipleship training with pastors who were coming from different regions of the state of Andhra Pradesh. It was incredible to be able to teach alongside my dad in another country and leave a lasting impact on the pastors of India.

GMS and Adventures KJ team at lunch in Seoul, Korea

South Korea

I spent two weeks working with the KJ crew in South Korea. They have stayed for an additional four weeks, but I will be continuing to work with them stateside. I came back home for personal reasons but I have not “checked-out” of working alongside them.

We are working alongside Global Mission Society in Seoul, Korea to establish an Adventures in Missions long-term base there, along with launching the first ever World Race: Korea.

The incredible opportunity to be able to launch Koreans on the World Race is legendary to say the least. Koreans are already sending out more missionaries than the United States and their missionaries are usually committed for life, not just a simple short term experience. However, Korean long-term missionaries are usually in their 40’s with full families.

We want to empower their 20-somethings to be able to change the world by seeing the world in a new and powerful way. The World Race is changing my generation and I can’t wait to see what happens for Koreans.

World Race Korea

Kingdom Journeys is recruiting the second team of men and hoping to launch them in 2014. Do you know anyone who is looking for real-life, practical professional experience while serving in the mission field? Send us an email.
  • Helena Jordão

    Great update and recap, Hugh!! Proud of your amazing journey, broseph!! It was a blessing to follow your journey. Praying for your exciting new season and all the goodness to come.

    • Thanks Helena! Always dedicated and it makes me super duper encouraged to always get comments from you.

  • Awesome summary Hugh!

  • Dusty Mick Dills

    Proud of you, bud. It was a blessing doing some of this journey along side of you.

  • Alys Seay

    Wow, what a full 6 months Hugh!! I can’t believe that’s your life. It’s so awesome.

    • Yeah, it was pretty crazy. Thanks for reading and being so consistent Alys. Miss you.

      • Alys Seay

        You’re welcome. I miss you, too Hugh!!

  • Chase G

    Rock! So proud dude!