Sometimes our Failing is for Others

Sometimes failing is for others, similar to kicking your baby birds out of the nest.
Marty, one of my mentors, recently commented on my blog about failing with this statement.
Saint Alered makes some interesting distinctions between pre-fall intentions and now. I’d say yes [failing is necessary], but it isn’t just for us, sometimes our failing is for others as well.

That statement completely blows my mind.

Sometimes our failing is for others.

Failing is often painful for me and when I fail others it seems to be even more painful.  To think that me failing is actually so someone else may grow is a hard pill to swallow.  I have come to realize that failing is an essential part of life and one that shouldn’t be neglected or avoided.  When you realize that failing is actually beneficial it starts to become natural to risk.


Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Risk is a word that carries pain, heartache, excitement and whimsy all wrapped into one simple action.  Risk is something we love to talk about but often find ourselves struggle to follow through with.  When I fail others, I feels like it is more of an issue because it shows I don’t have my life together. But, people close to you need to see that side of you… You don’t have your life together.

God uses failing to unseat strongholds in our lives.  Sometimes failing others allows strongholds to be removed their lives or it at least stirs up their comfortable life to that they start to seek God’s voice.

Part of failing is standing back up.

Failing others creates a space to stand back up, to build the relationship and to spend time with God together on the failure.

Would you agree that failing is healthy?
How have you failed and seen God move in exponential ways in your life?

  • Justin

    Great post!

  • Taking risks is linked with humility vs pride. For one exercising humility, if successful, they don’t take the glory. If failing, their identity isn’t devastated. Pride holds us back from risking bc of fear of failure, fear of man, and visions of grandeur. Failure cannot define a child of God, only bring Him closer to the God who gives him immeasurable worth. 🙂 proud of you for risking, Hugh!!!

  • Haha wow bro, cool stuff. Good reviews for sure.

  • seth_barnes

    What a great summary. I only just now logged on to look at it. I agree with everything. It will help future journeyers.

  • Lovin the Bruce Lee yellow in the photo!

    Great post.

    • Sunoh Choe

      hahaha #gottatrademarkthat

  • Neil Bruinsma

    The Camino is no joke. Glad to do it with you!

    • Sunoh Choe

      whenever i could keep up with you!

  • polonca

    Bravo Sunoh!I Great to reading this blog (oh ,memories…)

    • Sunoh Choe

      thanks Polonca!

  • Glace

    Beautiful. La verdad tambien. Great to walk and talk with you over all those klicks! I’m going back with my wife and kids next summer to finish what I began with you guys.

    • Sunoh Choe

      Haha that’s awesome David! verdaderamente, van a tener una experiencia espectacular!!, definitely write about it and let us know how that goes. Remember, light light light packs and compression socks and underwear haha

  • “God has showed me time and time again that things work out when we stop holding onto what we know and start receive what he freely gives.”

    Thats good truth.

    Nice mustache by the way.

  • Zebu

    Awesome heart and cool pics bro!

  • DC Carter

    Meghan — As I’ve said in previous correspondences: I really appreciate the honesty and inspiration that you share in your writings. I’ve made it a policy to share your blogs on my Facebook page each time. Thanks for all you do — you’re awesome!

  • Bethany Holland

    Meghan, this is incredible. I absolutely loved your words and like so many other women, I can relate! Thank you for being brave and honest! LOVE you!! 🙂

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Thanks Bethany. I am o so glad you can relate!