Risk No. 1 – Charles

Risk No. 1 – Charles

Recently I have been reading this blog called One Thousand Risks from Chad Johnson and he is a man I’ve wanted to do ministry alongside for quite some time.  The blog has really inspired me to start risking myself for strangers on the streets.

I’ve been a little nervous about stepping out since returning to America.  I’m totally fine with speaking truth, prophecy, praying for healing and everything else of the Spirit around my friends… but random strangers is a little different.

So, after reading quite a few of his blogs I decided it was time.

Then, as Sammie Jo and I were driving to Subway I noticed a man on the side of the road.  He was an older man, 65-75, and he was just staring into the sky.  When we came to the stop sign, I looked at him and waved.  God said, “stop” … I said, “I’ll stop when we get done with lunch.”

I’ve noticed in my life, God is always pointing me in different directions and most of the time I miss what He is trying to use me with because I am too busy.  Much like an interpretation of the Good Samaritan I have blogged about in the past.

We stopped on our way back and I asked him if he needed anything and he didn’t respond to the question I asked.

He responded with, “My hearing aide isn’t working because I’ve been standing in the cold so long.  I need to go into town to pay my power bill and to go to the grocery store.”  Sammie had to be in CGA class, I had to drive someone to Atlanta to catch a flight, but I knew God wanted me to help him so I said we would take him.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 10.20.00 AM

He cannot hear anything.  We had to communicate to him on paper, writing each question/comment and then listen to his response.

His name is Charles.
He is alone.
He has no running water in his house.
No one has been in his house in 2 years.
He has one sister, he thinks she lives in Ohio or Pennsylvania.
His bills are still in his mother’s name and she has passed away.
His “hearing aide” is actually just a cotton ball.
He was injured a while back and cannot work.
He blew his truck’s engine when he forgot to screw the oil cap on.
This is his house…


Sammie asked him if he believed in Jesus before we got to the grocery story.  He paused for longer than usual before he answered this question and in a quick response he said, “Yeah, yeah I know him.”

After we finished shopping for his groceries… I was already 15 minutes late on leaving to drop Kelly off at the airport.  I had Dusty drop her off at the grocery store and Sammie and Dusty took Charles back home.

You can read about the second half of the adventure with Charles on Dusty and Sammie’s blogs.

Sammie and Dusty broke when they dropped Charles off at his house.  Being broken for a man who is living 5 minutes from our mission’s office and in a house that looks abandoned from the road. I was broken when I saw the photo of his house and I wasn’t even there in person to experience the smells and emotions that surround a heavy experience.

We all have a connection to Charles now and a deep sense in our Spirits that something needs to change.  Stepping out and risking for Charles wasn’t as hard as I thought… And we’re going back at lunch today to talk to him.  He enters his house by moving away plywood and as you can see from the picture his roof is falling off of the house.

We’re going back because something needs to change in Charles life.  I’m broken for him, it’s Not OK that he is alone and it’s not ok that this is how he lives.

I’m excited to see what God does as we talk to him today at his house.  I’m hoping to break the curse that no one has been inside his house in 2 years.  I want to be his friend and I can only imagine he is nervous to have friends after being alone for so long.

He really doesn’t have much of an option if he wants to be my friend, I am going to pursue him in love because that what God has called me to do.

  • Amen, Sunoh. Knowing and loving yourself is foundation for all leadership. Excited for this adventure with you!