Praying for Healing on the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago with Kingdom Journeys

Today, my leg was healed by Tom from Northern Ireland. (But really Jesus).

The Camino has a unique community about it, one like I haven’t seen very often… If you have been on the World Race, it’s very similar to the way your squad bonds so quickly.  You walk with the same people every day, see them every night and almost all are all caring, serving and preferring others in front of themselves.

I have been injured for about three days now, I sat down one day during lunch and when I got up my right hamstring was so tight that I could barely move my leg.  The final 10km were painful and I had to stop many times with Justin by my side.  He even had me lay down so he could do some stretches but nothing worked.


I took a day off, no luck.  Hiked 16 miles thinking I could tough it out, no luck.  Then I took another day off, today, and as I sat down in the small bar with Colby we began doing listening prayer for the men on the team.  I got a word for every man but I told Colby I was bored.  I don’t like sitting around all day while the rest of the guys are out hiking the Camino.  It’s hard for me, so I began asking God what was happening.

Why after multiple people on the team praying for me was I not being healed?  Did I lose my faith I once had?

I’ve been healed or seen healing quite a few times.  My knees were healed in Guatemala by Casey Weatherman during month 1 and Katie Howard healed my foot in Kenya during month 7 of my World Race.  Both saying prayers that were short but using Jesus name.

We’ve had a man walking with us named Arthur from Poland.  Justin gathered some of us around this morning to pray for his ankle and it was healed, so I got to share my stories of healing on the World Race with him.  I asked him to pray for my leg today but he said that he didn’t think it would work because he is an “unbeliever.”  (For now…)

Today, my leg was healed by Tom from Northern Ireland.


We just got done having some team time in a huge gymnasium in a small village in Spain.  We sat around sharing about our day and a few guys were sharing verses.

As we were walking out of the gym I saw one of my favorite books, When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson.  I couldn’t believe it, I was seriously shocked and then I looked who was reading it and it was my friend Tom who I had met at dinner.

He’s a really nice old man with a strong accent.

Without even thinking I walked over to him and started talking about his book.  He spoke quietly, almost as if he was embarrassed to be reading such a book.

Then I asked him to practice by pray for my leg, I told him it had been hurting. I use the word practice because from my experience it takes more than one attempt at praying for healing… sometimes you just have to keep praying, keep having faith and eventually it will happen.

He hesitated but then rolled over in his bed, laid his hand on my hamstring and began to pray.

I didn’t tell him exactly where I had pain but he put his hand directly on the pain.

I felt prompted to open my hands to receive, so I did.

He finished his prayer and I moved my leg for the first time.

The pain was gone.

There was no more tightness in my hamstring, at all.

I busted out laughing, amazed at the way God works and how much I am blown away each time healing happens.


Today, God’s glory began to shine in the gymnasium.

As I shared my story, Colby came up to receive healing as well.  Then I told Arthur that I had been healed and he began to laugh because he was amazed that again he had witnessed healing.

I looked around and noticed many people were watching all of this happen.  We’ve been noticing that many people are beginning to watch these young men from America.  They know who we are and are closing watching everything that is happening on our Camino.

They said to us a few days ago, “The Camino is supposed to be walked alone, that is why your teammates are hurt.”  We are going against the norm on the Camino, walking as a team, meeting as a team and sharing in our own unique community.

Today, my leg was healed by Tom from Northern Ireland (but really Jesus) and I cannot stop laughing at God’s goodness.




  • Yeah Jesus!!! 🙂 God is so good, got me all pumped up, we are talking about healing today at training camp, so amen to a God who is still Jehovah Rapha, today and always. 🙂

    • Thanks for always following my blog so closely and commenting on everything! It means a ton! God is good, keep praying for more healing in our legs.

  • Justin

    I’m glad you are sharing these stories with the world.

  • God is good. See you in a couple of days.

  • Wayne

    I am always amazed little brother at your experiences. I am praying that you stay healthy.

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  • Even bigger thought… that He is going to change the world without us even having to go because His Spirit is already moving in those places.

    • Obviously because you know me… I listening to Him telling me to go… so I agree fully!

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