People follow Excellence

Pursue Excellence in Business

It seems crazy to me that even while I wasn’t following God, He was preparing me for something bigger. While I was off being a prodigal, God was actually preparing me for bringing Kingdom a few years later. Some of you know my story, some of you don’t, but I spent a year working for Apple Inc. at one of their corporate offices in Austin, TX. Now, almost three years later I am using the very professional skills that I acquired while working at Apple to add value at a business that is investing in a developing nation.

You can’t plan for situations like I am in right now. It can only be explained by God.

Kingdom Journeys vision is to take young leaders with high potential and plug them into businesses or entrepreneurial settings around the globe. The young leaders wont engage in the classic short-term missions, but they will actually offer their professional skills in a tangible way to add value to the businesses or ministries they are serving.

It’s a humbling and incredible learning experience to be able to take your professional skills and use them in a way that adds value to businesses or ministries. Instead of going into a situation and having to learn or be taught a new skill, you go with a specific purpose to use your skills and assist in a way that facilitates growth. You’ll learn about yourself, the people you are serving, and be truly humbled by the amount of ¬†intelligent and gifted people there are in these nations.

Pursue Excellence in Business

It’s easy to make assumptions about the people in developing nations, it’s easy to judge them and assume many things about them, most of which are not true. It’s easy to think that businesses are taking advantage of the people in these nations (some might be). The truth is that there are some incredibly talented workers around the world who have a drive far beyond what I have ever seen to be “world-class” professionals. Yes, I bring an outside perspective, a small amount of professional skills, but mostly I have been humbled by the skilled groups of ¬†people I have met so far in Egypt and Nepal.

It’s completely changed the way I think about business and the professional workplace. I’ve worked in an office for five years, been a missionary for a year, and now I’m in a new environment that doesn’t have a name or framework to describe it.

God prepared me for this time and He’s preparing me for something bigger.

I’ve realized that there are so many ways to bring God’s Kingdom and one of them is through being excellent in the workplace.

People follow excellence.

  • Barbara Moon

    I better understand what you are doing this time. Love following you!

    • Yeah, it’s quite a bit different this time around but God is still the same God. Doing bigger things than I could image. Thanks for following me and praying for me Aunt Barbara!

  • Neil Bruinsma

    Good reflection. God is awesome like that. Bringing things back again to use them for his glory.

  • Alys Seay

    I love this. It’s been amazing to see the new places God is bringing you… it’s so similar and so different to what He brought you through on the race. And yes, Thailand was AMAZING:)

    • Yeah I am getting some crazy experience that is for sure. I really wished I could have been there with you in Thailand, the pictures looked just as epic as I remembered. Who knows where we will both end up after this is all said and done.

      • Alys Seay

        Yeah, who knows. Hopefully somewhere epic:)

  • Raleigh Allen

    Awesome man! Definitely a huge change from the OIT haha!

    • Yeah it’s a big change that’s for sure. So happy to have that experience though. Thanks for checking out my blog man. Hope you are doing amazing.