Impacts of the Kingdom in Nepal

View from Pokhara Stupa on Kingdom Journeys

The Kingdom of God amazes me every time I enter a new country. I’m completely humbled by the community I have found here in Nepal and the people who are now my brothers and sisters. It doesn’t really matter so much about the country, it mostly matters about the relationships you build in that place. That’s the reason I want to go back to every country I have ever visited. Thailand, Romania – Both of these are only for the people who I’ve met in these places. The impact of community is the greatest impact of life.

I love Nepal because of the people here.

I’ll miss Nepal because of the people here.

Nepalese, Americans and yeah a few Canadians as well. Who am I kidding… yeah I’ll miss the Canadians.

I’ve been staying with a Canadian family here who have seriously made a huge impact on my life through their friendship and their children. Its beyond incredible to have a place that really feels like home. Honestly, if I write much more I would start crying so I’m going to change and talk about these guys below with whom I have been spending my free time.

Friends in Nepal, Biju, Roshan, Dhruba, Arun

Left to Right: Arun, Dhurba, Me, Biju, Roshan

I’ve spent most of my time with these guys.

Worship, talks Jesus and laughing about different topics has been the most memorable experiences of my time here.

I’m always humbled when I enter a country and see the different ways that the locals encounter Jesus. It’s something that has to be experienced and cannot be explained. I take a little bit from each place and I learn more about God’s character through His children in these places.

It’s been a time of self discovery during my Journey.  Discovering what brings makes me feel full of life and what just feels like going through the motions. There have been many times this year that have just felt like going through the motions, but I’ve discovered that talking about God, teaching, pastoring and laughing with brothers brings me life.

Hanging out with Arun in Nepal

We have about three weeks left here in Nepal after spending almost 3 months here. This is the longest I have ever stayed in a country outside of the USA. I have friendships here that I will never forget, memories here that can’t be taken and experiences here that will last a lifetime.

I’m so thankful for my Nepalese brothers, sisters, friends and family. Life here wouldn’t have been the same without each one of you in my life and I feel blessed to be able to call you friends. I’m so thankful for the American and Canadians families here as well, you’ve impacted me in more ways than I can say. I love yall and I will miss everyone for sure.

  • Helena Jordão

    Great job in Nepal, Hugh 🙂 you definitely made an impact in all those people as well. Enjoy your last 3 weeks, love freely, and get ready for the next adventure coming your way. Jesus won’t hold back! Praying for you and the team, broseph!

    • Thanks Helena! God def isn’t holding back. You were right on point.

  • Neil Bruinsma

    Love hearing your heart come out here. You make me proud!

    • Bro. You have no idea… it only got better as time went on man. Missed you for sure.

  • Alys Seay

    Yay!!! It looks so beautiful there. I’m glad you had such a rich time there. Love ya bro:)

  • Dusty Mick Dills

    Love you, bud. Miss you and I’m so thankful you had an incredible time in Nepal. Sad I couldn’t take the next step of the journey with you, but God had other plans. Decembers coming soon. Ready to see your face! Lets link up soon.