I Can Not Walk

Mountain view on the Camino de Santiago

The past week or so I have been struggling with really bad tendinitis that has kept me from walking on the Camino.  My hamstring was healed by Tom praying for it like I explained in a blog a few days ago, but soon after that my ankles started to give me a lot of problems.  It’s been a challenging time for me because I have had to take buses, trains and taxis to catch up with the guys when I would much rather be walking with them.

I don’t enjoy doing things alone much less having to miss out on good times with the guys.  Some days its been a great opportunity for listening prayer, the past few days it’s been discouraging and other times its just been boring.  I’ve had time to spend with God, to read the Word but for the most part it’s a difficult time.

Something I wouldn’t chose.

I’m confused why God would bring me here only to travel alone.

Today as I rode through the mountains in a Mercedes Benz taxi cab, I wished I was walking with the men.

The views were breathtaking.

Mountain view on the Camino de Santiago

And instead of enjoying it with the men, I rode with Raul who couldn’t speak any English and could barely understand my Spanish.

I am thankful that God has brought me here, it’s been amazing to get to be with the guys at night.  We’ve been getting poured into by the mentors and I have been able to ask them questions about their lives.  The incite we have received over the past couple weeks cannot be replaced, but I want to continue with them on the trail.  We’ve been praying for my ankles for a few days now.

I’d like to invite all of you to pray with us.

My left Achilles tendon and my right ankle tendons are what are having problems.

The men have been praying, but we need some intercessors to step in for healing in my legs so I can keep walking.

  • Alys Seay

    Sad face. Love you Hugh and I’m praying for you right now.

    • Yeah, it’s sad… Tired of gettin hurt and not being able to be active! AHH!

  • Helena Jordão

    Praying! Take heart, bro.. I can’t imagine the warfare you’re facing but it’s temporary. Praying for strength, growth, joy, and healing.

  • Beka Joy Hull


  • W Craig Rowdon

    Hebrews 12:11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

    Press on.

  • Stacy Sublett

    praying for the Lord to do the work that he wants to do with you OFF the trail so you can get back on! Stay strong, listen well, and soak in His presence…

  • Sammie jo

    God is orchestrating something beautiful through this pain, I can hear it, like when all the instruments are tuning up before their united debut. It sounds unpleasant and disorganized at first, but when the time has come heavenly harmonies are unleashed.
    Praying for patience, trust and healing as you wait for another unveiling of his kingdom.

    • What a great word Sammie Jo. I wrote it in my journal, so great. Listening for the beginning of the music and trusting that it will be good.

  • Damon Ghee

    Hugh, I appreciate your spirit and your confidence not to mention your cooking :]
    Hang in there. Praying for healing in those legs.